Troll Tasks Muslim Man To Come Up With Any Examples Of ‘Christian Terror Attacks’So He Does Exactly That ????

SANDY HUFFAKER/AFP/Getty Images; Twitter: @MuslimIQ

Qasim Rashid is no stranger to hateful messages. Rashid is a very outspoken activist, working to combat Islamophobia. He is an attorney and has written two books about religious persecution.

So when a troll tried to declare there were no Christian terrorist attacks, he was not prepared for what Rashid knew.

In a Twitter thread, Rashid talked about Christian anti-Muslim hate marches from 2017. He dispelled a lot of the bigoted talking points and pointed out how Daesh groups (better known as ISIS) use footage from these marches to recruit new members.

When a man sent Rashid a message trying to prove there were no Christian terror attacks, Rashid responded with many examples.

Some of the bigger points Rashid brings up include:


Twitter: @MuslimIQ


  • The Lord’s Resistance Army, the cult under Joseph Kony sought to replace Uganda’s government with a Christian state. It has been accused of many human rights violations.


Twitter: @MuslimIQ


  • The FBI and DHS have stated that white supremacist groups have carried out more attacks than any other domestic extremist group of the last decade.
  • This claim about the Ku Klux Klan is dubious, as the Klan’s largest time of membership was the 1920s with up to 4 million members. Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates around 5,000 and 8,000 members split between several dozen competing groups. It is one of the oldest white supremacist groups, having been around in one form or another since after the Civil War.
  • Rashid talks about multiple mass shooting events perpetrated by white nationalists and anti-Muslim shooters.


Twitter: @MuslimIQ


  • The Phineas Priesthood is not considered an organization by governing bodies due to its lack of a leader. However, adherents of the ideology have carried out attacks on abortion clinics, robbed banks, and planned to attack FBI buildings.
  • Eric Rudolph not only bombed the Olympics but numerous other anti-gay and anti-abortion targets from 1996 to 1998. He was captured in 2003.




Twitter: @MuslimIQ


  • The United States does not have an official religion; however, the majority of the country identifies as Christian and has always had Christian leaders. Regardless, the U.S.’s intervention on Muslim majority nations is well documented.


Rashid’s examples proved very popular with thousands of likes and retweets.


Despite this takedown, across the internet, others still have to point out that there is not only such thing as Christian terror attacks, but that they happen often.

While internet trolls try to wrap their head around the idea that hate knows no religion, Rashid has been defending Islam from critics claiming he can’t defend women’s rights while practicing his religion and the double standards people of color are held to when confronted by the police.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.