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Woman Dubbed ‘Crosswalk Cathy’ Hurls Racial Slurs At Black Man, Claims She Shot Tupac In Bizarre Viral Video


A video went viral this week showing a woman yelling obscenitiesat a man in his car and claiming she shot Tupac. The video was uploaded to Instagram.

In Scottsdale, Arizona, John Andrew Taylor who goes by the name Smoke, shared the video online. It took place over the weekend, after he had just dropped his sister off.

Then he pulled over to the crosswalk.

The following video contains very harsh language.

Before the video started, the woman said

“F*** you, you n***er.”

Taylor was taken aback and asked the woman to repeat herself. She did, which is when he pulled out his phone to record the interaction.

She snarls at Taylor, calling him very derogatory and demeaning names. In ensuing comments on the video, she has been dubbed Crosswalk Cathy.

Is this really happening again?


And then she somehow gets weirder.

“Tupac is dead. I killed him. I put a bullet through the f***er’s head.”

Taylor nonchalantly responds,

“Did you?”

In a phone interview with Phoenix New Times, they asked about the Tupac comment.

“I’m not going to lie, I thought that was hilarious.”

Taylor is a big Tupac fan and pointed out to the interviewer that Tupac was shot in the chest, not the head.

“She must not know too much about what she’s talking about.”

I mean, maybe it’s still true?

When Crosswalk Cathy walks off, Taylor turns the camera on his face, laughing at the boldness of the interaction.

He was quoted as saying,

“I was shocked. I have never in my life had someone had the gumption and the audacity to come out and say something like this. Not directly to my face, at least.”

Explaining the laughing, he described a saying his mother had,

“Never look like what you’re going through.”

“What she meant by that is, if you’re going through trials and tribulations on the outside, if you’re hurting, put a smile on. You can make it through anything. Even if it is killing you on the inside, don’t let it show.”

Taylor also served in the Army, explaining how he kept so calm under pressure.








The video ends with Taylor saying,

“And that’s how you make someone famous.”

And he’s not wrong. The video was shared to Reddit and was on the front page Monday.

Twitter, however, would like to see a little more light shining in her direction.

This is not the first Crosswalk Cathy. Back in October, a couple in Portland, Oregon, stopped to grab a burger. They saw a woman across the street glaring at them.

They tried to ignore her, but overheard her giving their license plate number to the police.

They asked why she was calling the cops on them.

“You can’t block the sidewalk!”

The couple’s car was an inch or two outside the curb.

Of course, as sad as this is, it is also unsurprising in today’s world.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.