Woman Handles Noisy Neighbor With Kindness And Cake—And It Leads To An Important Lesson In Compassion ??

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We’ve all had to deal with a loud neighbor before. Whether itÂ’s some hotshot throwing a house party that lasts into the wee hours, or a heavy-footed stomper who doesnÂ’t consider what their downstairs neighbor will hear, noise complaints have been part of our society for who knows how long.

Maybe you can ignore it, or make it stop by pounding on their door. Maybe you try calling the cops on the teens playing video games but the plan backfires.

When writer Candice Marie Benbow had to deal with a neighbor blasting music at all hours of the night at her new apartment complex, she decided to handle it a little differently.


In a letter to her neighbor, Benbow reflects on how heÂ’d often come home and play his music loudly, and that she actually appreciated it at times, finding new tracks to listen to, or being reminded of old ones. But when the neighbor decided to keep the music going to 4 a.m., sheÂ’d had enough.

Benbow wrote a letter explaining her side of the situation. The letter is filled with humor, and a light pleading on her behalf to be able to get some sleep. She also baked him a pound cake.

She knocked on his door but he didnÂ’t answer, so she left the cake and letter for him to find.


People thought the kind approach, mixed with the firm wording, was a great idea.


After a few days with no update, Benbow notified Twitter that her neighbor Tommy had, in fact, received the letter. He apologized for the noise and complimented her pound cake. He explained heÂ’s a music video producer, heÂ’s new to the area, and heÂ’s been dealing with a difficult holiday.

It sounds like Candice was the perfect person to deal with the situation.


Others couldnÂ’t believe this turned out so well.

In a holiday season defined by family and being kind to your fellow humans, Benbow’s actions speak volumes. Her compassion in a situation that often is handled with a gruff yell is to be commended. And let’s be honest — cake is rarely a bad idea.


Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.