Woman Loses It When She Sees A Girl Wearing A Bikini To A Pool Party

This story is kind of confusing, because the woman freaking out in it makes no sense. A guy with the Twitter handle @quuiincy shared a video in which a woman rouses the neighborhood because she saw a girl walk by in a bikini. Quincy wrote, “My friends and I were walking to a pool party and this lady aggressively called out my friend for wearing a bikini…. to a pool party…. She shamed my friend because her husband was looking at her.”

That’s a very coherent explanation for what happens in the minute-long video below, because what the woman actually says is a garbled mess. Basically, she pays a lot of money to live here, her husband saw a girl in a bikini, she claims the girl was parading around in her bikini. The subtext is she’s jealous of the girl in the bikini.

The kids were apparently in the area because they were attending a pool party at a rental place. The woman keeps referring to “the renter,” a young man who comes out of the house when she knocks. He looks extremely confused, as anyone would be. Yes, ma’am, people wear bikinis to pool parties? What’s the problem?

The person filming, presumably Quincy, tries to reason with the woman, saying they weren’t parading around, they’d just had to park down the block and walk to the house. If that’s true, this lady got herself worked up really fast. A little advice: if you get this angry about someone else looking hot on your street in less than 60 seconds, the problem is with you.

On the bright side, Quincy and his bikini friend rallied and had an awesome time at the pool:

And the local Federal Bikini Inspector got a new nickname:

Even The Renter got a lot of shout outs, being the most visibly hot/not insane person in the clip:

Sorry, ladies, he’s taken.

There are still people who want some vengeance, perhaps my shaking what their mama gave them on Bikini Ban Becky’s lawn:

That’s the kind of protest I can get behind.