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Black Customer Confronts Business Owner After He Accidentally Sent Her A Racist Text—About Her


A massage therapy business owner in Willoughby, Ohio complained about a Black client then accidentally sent a racist message ranting about the customer…

…to the actual customer.

According to the Daily Dot, Instagram user @_juju.b_ claimed their mother—who is Black—was running late to her massage appointment at Scott Francis Massotherapy and texted the establishment, saying:

“Hey, I’m on my way!”

Instead of acknowledging her text, business owner Scott Francis wrote a message meant for someone else that included a racial slur.

Except that message was sent to the client.

It read:

“Ok, she texted me and said she is on her way, damn [n-word].”

A followup text from Francis—this one intended for the client—read:

“I’m sorry I have left the office.”

@_juju.b_ screenshot their mother’s text thread and posted it on their IG story, along with a video of the family’s subsequent confrontation with the business owner.

The clip was later posted on Twitter by David Hill with the caption:

“This really is sick and the country we live in smh.”


In the video, business owner Francis fumbled over his attempt at explaining himself for his use of the n-word.

“I am not racist, but the thing of it is I’ve had a lot of Black women calling and not coming, coming late, not coming at all.”

“This is the way I make my living and it was upsetting.”

The customer pressed further for clarification.

“So because you had a lot of Black women doing this, you felt like that was appropriate?”

“So you think it’s fair that I spent my money with you, and you’re clearly racist because you text me this.…”

“This is inappropriate.”

Francis finally said:

“I’m sorry.”

When the client told Francis she planned to post the video of their interaction online, he said:

“Go ahead.”

The customer added she would discourage “any African American woman, or anyone period” from patronizing his establishment.

The business owner soon found the public didn’t agree with his justification for using racial slurs.

A video featuring Francis’s racist text was also posted on TikTok.

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Consequently, Scott Francis Massotherapy’s Yelp page became inundated with complaints. This prompted the platform to temporarily shut down the ability to post reviews as part of its updated feature that flags businesses accused of racism.

Users visiting the page are now greeted with the following message:

“This business recently received increased public attention resulting in an influx of people posting their views to this page, so we have temporarily disabled the ability to post here as we work to investigate the content.”

Yelp’s notice continued:

“While racism has no place on Yelp and we unequivocally reject racism in any form, all reviews on Yelp must reflect an actual first-hand consumer experience (even if that means disabling the ability for users to express points of view we might agree with)”

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

Koh Mochizuki is a New York-based actor and writer. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, he received his B.A. in English literature and is fluent in Japanese. Disney parks are his passion, and endless cups of coffee are a necessity. Instagram: kohster Twitter: @kohster1