Black Doll Found Hanging In Eastern Michigan University Dorm Shower Was Apparently A ‘Prank’

A student in a dorm on Eastern Michigan University’s campus found a black doll hanging by a noose in the shared bathroom. Campus officials are investigating the matter.

The person responsible has already been caught. They did not live in the residence hall, but were a guest of someone who does.

They have claimed this was just a prank.

The doll was discovered earlier this week by Christopher Casillas, a resident advisor. Since then, word of the display has spread across campus.

Carrie Davis, a senior at EMU said,

“I don’t know what to say. I can’t believe that happened here.”

Disbelief seemed to be a recurring theme among the interviewed students.

EMU sophomore Logan Anderson said,

“It’s a little surprising. We’re usually about family here.”

The culprit is also a student of EMU, though they did not live in the residence hall. They were dating a student who did live there, and put the doll up as a prank on them.

People are calling for the student to be expelled.

Eastern Michigan University have released an official statement reading,

“Eastern Michigan takes this matter very seriously. There is absolutely no place at Eastern for hateful and racist actions, regardless of their intent.

“At this time, the University continues to investigate the incident and will take appropriate steps upon completion of the investigation.”

It is possible for the offender to be charged with ethnic intimidation, punishable by up to two years of prison time and a $5000 fine.

It may seem like people are being too hard on this “prank” but lynching imagery is a serious matter. It was only as recently as 50 years ago that the practice was seen as rare.

And yet, that doesn’t mean it has stopped entirely. In 1981, two Klan members lynched and murdered Michael Donald, a completely random black man. The Klan members were caught and prosecuted.

It is only just yesterday, that the Senate passed a bill that would make lynching punishable as a federal hate crime that looks like it’s on its way to becoming law. While a similar bill passed the Senate before, it couldn’t get past the GOP controlled House.

While progress is coming, it is slow.

The school has yet to announce the outcome of this incident and what punishment, if any, there will be. In the meantime, students are left questioning.

Another student, Kya Fordham said,

“If you can do that, what else can she do?”

Written by Ben Acosta

Ben Acosta is an Arizona-based fiction author and freelance writer. In his free time, he critiques media and acts in local stage productions.