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Black Texas Hotel Employee Becomes A Meme After Expertly Shutting Down A Woman Who Called Him A Racial Slur

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Craig Brooks, 26, from Austin, Texas, recently rose to internet fame after he posted a video encounter he had with a customer.

Brooks is an employee at a Holiday Inn Express in Austin.

While trying to assist a customer over the phone, he heard the customer describe him as a “f***ing n****r.”

According to BuzzFeed News, the customer called the hotel trying to make a reservation. Brooks directed her to call the reservation line, as he didn’t handle the reservations himself. The woman repeatedly called him back instead of the reservation line, growing more and more hostile with each phone call.

Finally, the woman explained that her mother had just passed away, and Brooks proceeded to get her information to help her book a room. However, while providing her customer service, he clarified that she should still speak to him respectfully despite the tragedy she was dealing with.

“I told her, ‘I understand that but you don’t have to be so disrespectful and hostile.’”

When Craig had finished getting her reservation in order he asked the customer if he could help her further. Not realizing he was still on the line, the customer called him a “f***ing n****r” and hung up.

Brooks proceeded to ask management how he should handle the situation. They assured him that her racist behavior would not be tolerated and told him he could refuse her stay.

When she walked into the hotel, Craig recorded the conversation.

Brooks remained calm throughout the entire exchange, using now famous lines to defend himself.

The woman tried to play up her grief, reminding Brooks that she apologized. The hotel employee didn’t let his resolve waver, saying,

“It’s above me now.”

His other now-viral phrase was when he directed her to another lodging option.

“The Best Western is next door.”

The internet immediately went to work meme-ing Craig’s incredible responses.

Since Craig’s sudden rise to Twitter fame, numerous transphobic Tweets from his account have been uncovered.

The sudden plot twist has earned the Holiday Inn Express worker more memefication, but this time it’s less pleasant.

Craig has since issued apologies for his past comments.


Written by B Miller

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