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Black Jogger Speaks Out After Woman Threw A Glass Bottle At Her In Unprovoked Racist Attack

Tiffany Johnson/Facebook

Even a major city with a diverse population like New York is not immune to violent acts of racism.

A video of a Black woman jogging in Queens, New York  is seen getting hit with a glass bottle as she runs past a White woman.

The bottle breaking apart in pieces is visible upon impact on the jogger’s body.

Women Jogging While Black Gets A Glass Bottle Thrown At Her Back from r/PublicFreakout

Tiffany Johnson had no idea she was being filmed when she was attacked.

In a Facebook post, she shared the viral video that had surfaced a month after the incident occurred and used the hashtag #runningwhileblack to raise awareness of frequent, unprovoked attacks on people of color.

“I was attacked by a racist with a glass bottle,” Johnson wrote in her post.

“Racism is truly real and alive even in a diverse area like Astoria/Woodside Queens, NY. The [hatred] is real. My freedom, my time, my humanity matters, my body matters.”

“I hope this helps to raise awareness to a real issue. #runningwhileblack or literally doing ANYTHING while black.”

Johnson said that she was jogging during 98-degree weather and was minding her own business as most joggers do.

However, she mentioned that a certain amount of apprehension always pervades her when out in public.

“As a black woman I’m always cautious bc i know that the color of my skin is triggering for certain people.”

“At the time i felt it was race related, but looking back at this video is 100 percent confirmation of a hate crime.”

In the video, Johnson’s assailant is heard screaming at her to “get out!” and even drops the N-word after hurtling the bottle.

Johnson briefly stops after being hit but chooses to leave the situation without engaging with the woman and continues on her way without any visible injury.

“I am glad that I walked away because my freedom and time are my commodity,” she said. “This is the world that we live in.”

She continued:

“Racism is being perceived as a threat due to the color of my skin.”

“That i dont feel pain the same way and am different somehow, therefore its permissable to hunt, threaten and or use excessive force to get a simple result.”

“That whether jogging or bbq or walking in a hoodie, somehow a human being whose skin color is brown is a threat, therefore force and violence is okay.”

“And however we react in response is somehow problematic.”

Redditor WadsworthInTheHall commented on the unfortunate reality that marginalized people must now contend with.

“I think with the availability of recording equipment combined with the escalating racial tensions, people of color have to record every step they take.”

“When you’re being hunted, you have to document everything to try and save yourself. It’s a sad commentary on the American experience of people of color.”

On Facebook, many of her friends were relieved Johnson was okay, but they also expressed rage over the incident.

Tiffany Johnson/Facebook
Tiffany Johnson/Facebook
Tiffany Johnson/Facebook
Tiffany Johnson/Facebook
Tiffany Johnson/Facebook

Johnson concluded her post by explaining why she shared the video.

“I’m posting this video to bring awareness. Bc it seems that message got lost…. as per usual.”

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

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