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Black Lawyer Speaks Out After Being Repeatedly Mistaken For Defendant And Being Asked To Leave Courtroom


A Black lawyer in England recently took to Twitter and recounted the racism she encountered while appearing to represent a client at trial, the Atlanta Black Star reported.

The lawyer, Alexandria Wilson, began her 8-part Twitter explanation with some context. She implied that the racism she faced in the courthouse was not new to her or anybody that looks like her, for that matter.

She then went on to directly inform what happened in the courthouse immediately upon her arrival.

Wilson shared the first of three separate instances that she was assumed to not be a lawyer due to the color of her skin.

First, it was the security guard.  

Following that, Wilson did her job before being interrupted by yet another assumption from another person in the building. 

Then, as if a one-two punch was planned, Wilson was immediately mistook for a defendant again. 

Wilson ended the series of tweets with her emphatic emotional response to such a brutal experience at her place of work. 

Wilson’s story eventually attracted the attention of BBC News, where she appeared for an interview. 

Wilson’s experience elicited widespread outrage on Twitter from all sorts of people, including Kevin Sadler the CEO of Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service, the agency that manages court proceedings in England. 

Of course, Sadler was not the only one appalled by the news. 

We share in Wilson’s sentiment that she mentioned in her interview with BBC and hope that her courage to share her experience initiates real, inclusive change. 

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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