Black Women Go Off On Neighbor Who Constantly Makes Racist Comments About Asian Families


San Franciso resident Autumn Tillman tore into a xenophobic neighbor in a viral video after hearing him constantly making racist comments about Asian families in their building.

In the first of two videos Tillman filmed and posted, she confronted the man—who KPIX identified as David Rosner—and shouted:

“Do you ever shut the f’k up? Ever?”

“Shut the f’k up, in front of my door with your racist sh*t! I don’t give a f’k.”

“You’re racist as f’k. You f’king neighbors are Asians!”

Tillman did not let Rosner get a word in and continued:

“Shut the f’k up, OK! … You are so f’king irritating.”

“Every f’king day you are ‘[n-word] this, Asians that.’ I’m Black”

“They’re Asian. Shut the f’k up!”

“I’m tired of your sh*t in front of my f’king door. I’m tired of your bullsh*t every f’king day.”

She proceeded to spray him with Lysol as she continued, yelling:

“You’re f’king disgusting.”

Tillman posted the first video of her encounter on Instagram and vented her frustration in the following caption:

“My racist a** neighbor on a rant against Asians!! Saying that Asians need to go back to their country and he’s happy that Asians are being attacked around the world, that he is White Supremus. Not today my guy.”

“I sprayed him with Lysol!!! I want the asian community to know they are NOT alone and there are people out here that does care 100%. I’m one of them!!”

The video received over 120k views.

In her second video posted on Instagram, Tillman once again reprimanded the offending neighbor. This time, she was accompanied by another Black woman who emerged from her apartment and encouraged Tillman by yelling:

“Sic ’em!”

As Rosner went back into his apartment, he told them:

“You can go back to Africa.”

Tillman pounded on the man’s door and yelled:

“Shut the f’k up.”

“What do you not understand about leaving Black people, Asian people, and Latino people alone?”

“What do you not get?”

Rosner came back out into the hallway, put his mask on, and told the women:

“Put a mask on, yeah. So I don’t have to breathe your stench.”

“Let me understand this. You wanna live in my neighborhood.”

“You wanna live in my country?”

The second unidentified Black woman responded:

“Everybody can live wherever they want to.”

Rosner continued:

“So you go about your life. What the hell is this Asian family doing here?”

Tillman fired back:

“They can stay where the hell they want to. Go back to hell.”

“Go back to your country. Go to hell! You sick a** son of a b*tch!”

Tillman—who is a singer and grew up in San Francisco—told KPIX that Rosner had been walking the halls and spewing racist comments on a daily basis for years.

He was additionally scaring the children who lived in the building.

In another video shared with KPIX, Rosner was heard remarking:

“Go live in Asia. Funny how it’s a White country—200 years of White supremacy.”

Rosner added:

“If you thought Asian lives matter, they don’t matter to us one bit.”

According to Tillman, Rosner’s attack on Asians was a recent development.

“Nobody should ever have to hear that they have to go back to their own country or anything like that, I’m sorry. My building is like 70 percent Asian families.”

Tillman noted Asians supported the Black community:

“They’re always on the frontline with their signs, demanding justice for my community.”

“They’re always on social media, when you go to a lot of Asian people—like you go to their social media—you see the Black Lives Matter hashtags.”

“They’re just as angry as the Black community is.”

Tillman’s post saw an outpouring of gratitude from the Asian community who thanked her for standing up for them.


Neighbor Edwin Gutierrez confirmed Rosner was a habitual offender:

“I thank her for it. I mean no one really talks to him, but to always come out the side of his neck and saying comments like that. I don’t know if he’s wanting to pick a fight.”

KPIX’s Betty Yu managed to reach Rosner for an interview, and when she asked if he was a White supremacist, Rosner said:

“I would prefer everybody being White. I would prefer using Aryan genetics to make every person a White person and a male.”

“We don’t really see a need at this point for people of color.”

The police have been called many times on Rosner, but the building’s property manager, Zenaida Saenz, said they cannot arrest him solely based on his behavior.

“Physically he’s not really a threat, but the way he talks sometimes, it’s really no sense.”

Meanwhile, Tillman is working on a website meant to unite the two communities together, called, “Blacks for Asian Lives Matter.”

Tillman encouraged others to take a stand against hatred, saying:

“If someone’s talking about someone’s ethnicity, making fun of it, whatever, please stick up for them, because all it takes is just a voice.”

Koh Mochizuki

Written by Koh Mochizuki

Koh Mochizuki is a New York-based actor and writer. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, he received his B.A. in English literature and is fluent in Japanese. Disney parks are his passion, and endless cups of coffee are a necessity. Instagram: kohster Twitter: @kohster1