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New Jersey Woman Arrested After Booze-Filled Rampage At Airbnb During Nashville Bachelorette Party

Metro Nashville Police Department

A New Jersey woman was arrested by Tennessee authorities last Thursday after going on a drunken rampage during a bachelorette party held in Nashville.

Tennessee police officers were called to a private Airbnb rental property on Cocoa Drive at 3 p.m. June 7, in response to a complaint from the owner that a woman had broken in. When police arrived officers found Alexandra Cheety sitting on the front steps, bleeding from her right foot.

Cheety told the officers she was from Garwood, New Jersey and in town for a bachelorette party.

The 29-year-old Cheety admitted to police that she had drank two bottles of wine and “went psycho.”

According to the affidavit police discovered significant damage to the residence, including a broken lamp, chair and two sets of blinds. The residence’s front windows were also broken and a coffee table was turned  over.

Although Cheety could not remember how it happened she reportedly caused an estimated $1900 in damages.

Sure, two bottles of wine is enough to make most people go a little wild, but “$1900 worth of damages” wild seemed a tad overboard to those reacting to the story.

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And the consensus seemed to be that Cheety should probably think twice before partying that hard again.

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Following the incident Airbnb released an official statement, telling the New York Post:

“The reported behavior is completely inappropriate. We have suspended the guest’s account as we investigate, and we are in touch with the host to offer our support.”

After she spoke with police Cheety was taken to Skyline Hospital for treatment.

Later Cheety was charged with felony vandalism at Davidson County Jail and given a $2,500 bond. She is next scheduled to appear in court on July 12.

One thing’s for sure, that bride is definitely reconsidering Cheety’s wedding invitation, but knowing friends and drinking stories making the news might just work in her favor.

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