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Redditor Outraged After Helping Their Boyfriend Edit His Book, Only For Him To Dedicate It To O.J. Simpson

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Imagine loving and supporting your significant other through the entire process of writing a book, only to find out once it’s published that they’re dedicating it to…O.J. Simpson.

Reddit user Ojthrowaway22 doesn’t know quite how to feel here. After helping her boyfriend edit a science fiction novel, she hoped he would dedicate it to her, only to be sorely surprised once she opened up the final draft.

Now, the Original Poster (OP) wants to know whether she’s in the wrong for feeling angry.

She visited the popular subReddit “Am I The A**hole?” (AITA) and asked anonymous internet users to declare who was in the wrong by writing:

  • NTA – Not The A**hole
  • YTA – You’re The A**hole
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  • NAH – No A**holes Here

Her post was titled “AITA for being mad that my boyfriend dedicated his book to OJ Simpson instead of me?

“My boyfriend of 5 years has many great traits, but the one very weird quirk is that he’s convinced OJ didn’t do it. He’s seen every documentary and mini series and still thinks OJ is innocent. His explanation of who he thinks did it is probably even crazier than other OJ truthers, but he’s not a conspiracy theorist other than this so I mostly let it go. He spends a lot of time reading about and watching OJ related content and it’s just become a hobby that I ignored.”

“He recently self published a book, unrelated to OJ. It’s just science fiction. I read all his drafts and helped him edit. Perhaps narcissistically I thought I would be the person to whom he dedicated the book. It wasn’t until I ordered it that I opened and saw it was dedicated to f*cking OJ.”

“Now I know it’s his right to do whatever he wants but I wouldn’t have been upset if he dedicated it to his mom or something. But he’s never met OJ. He said he hoped the book would go big, people would buy it and be thrown off by the dedication (which talks about OJ being innocent) and this would ‘open the Pandora’s box’ to the world.”

“I asked him why not just write a book about OJ then and he said because it would be harder to market given that he wasn’t involved in the case and isn’t in law. So his Hope was to write a science fiction book (seemed odd to me because he’s not usually a writer) that would ‘be the next viral novel’ with the secret agenda of highlighting OJ. He also was hoping OJ himself would see it.”

“I’m aware OJ isn’t even in jail. My boyfriend acts like he is. He says even if OJ is ‘free’ he’s not truly free because people only know him as “that man who killed his wife” and not as a great athlete.”

“He’s telling me none of this affects me so I’m in the wrong to be so offended. But come on….this just feels like delusion and it makes me angry that I helped him edit a book that turned out to be some OJ related secret plot.”

Many people didn’t think anyone in this situation was acting like a jerk, but that the boyfriend’s behavior was…concerning.

“You accepted/overlooked his obsession with OJS up to the point where you realized your non-writer boyfriend had ground out a sci-fi manuscript (with your help) just so he could use the dedication page in his self-published novel to flog his theory and try to get the attention of OJS. I understand why this might have been a tipping point.”

“You’re realizing his obsession is perhaps . . . Extreme? Unhealthy? Unattractive? And you now know he tricked you into helping him by not revealing his true reason for wanting to publish a book. Maybe you’re standing too close to this to see exactly how strange it is.”

“NAH. I don’t think your bf is an AH, but he’s taken a very deep dive down the rabbit hole and is digging faster and deeper all the time.” –NoxWild

Some Redditors were more concerned about how the dedication would affect book sales more than anything else. 

“I wouldnt be upset. Definitely perplexed and entirely convinced of his insanity, but not upset. If he wants it to go big, putting a dedication to OJ Simpson is probably not the best idea.”

“Thats like writing a fantasy novel and putting ‘Dedicated to my hero, Timothy McVeigh. He was right about modern society’ on the first page. Surefire way to put anyone who was interested off lol” –BigDill1994

The boyfriend can dedicate his book to whoever he wants, but OP certainly has a right to be a little upset.

“Lmao. NAH. He can dedicate his book to whoever he wants, but you’re not wrong for being peeved at it after all the work you put in. Hopefully you’re at least in the acknowledgments? However, this sounds like a strange and possibly unhealthy fixation.”

“It would be one thing to want to write a scifi novel for the sake of writing a scifi novel and then happen to dedicate it to OJ, but from what you described, he has a master plan to exonerate OJ’s image, and this novel is just a piece of the plan. That’s not exactly normal thinking.”

“I have a friend who has well-medicated schizophrenia. Even when she’s not having an episode, she has little quirks like this one, but on a smaller scale. Not saying he has a mental illness, but perhaps there’s more than just an extreme interest?” –laurenintheskyy

There were others who told OP her anger was more than justified.

“NTA. There’s a joke I heard growing up, I don’t remember the exact punchline, but it starts with a guy asking ‘did anything happen while I was gone?’ The other person goes ‘no, nothing happened aside from the parrot dying’, ‘oh, alright, well how did it die?’, ‘well he burned during the kitchen fire’, ‘wait, there was a kitchen fire??’ ‘oh, yeah well when the robbers came in, they accidentally caused a fire’ ‘there was a robbery?????’ and it goes on and on.”

“This whole OJ obsession is the death of the parrot. The more I read the comments the messier this guy gets. The OJ thing is definitely NOT the outlier and I think this guy is definitely a conspiracy theorist.” –uhno28

The boyfriend might also be ignoring some other O.J. related incidents.

“NTA. Yes, it might be a bit vain to want the book to have a dedication to you, his girlfriend, but I don’t think it is weird to be disappointed that the sole purpose of the book (that you helped edit) is a creepy ode to his longtime crush….a suspected murderer.”

“And your boyfriend does know he was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping in 2008 right? And yet he still carries a torch for him because he was good at a sport?” –CrushedIntoServitude

But, ultimately, perhaps OP should have known what she was getting into.

“NAH. Your BF is absolutely bizarre (Delusional? Mentally ill?) but not an AH. He has demonstrated for years that he is obsessed with OJ SIMPSON. He’s not a writer but suddenly decides to publish a book (that you happily help edit). Then he self published this book, which means he paid money to a predatory company that claims anyone can make it big as an author.”

“But the behavior you’re upset about is the book’s dedication??? I’m not saying you’re an AH, but you have much bigger problems in this relationship than the dedication of a book that no one is going to read.” –fireflyfly3

Some internet users were concerned OP may be too close to the situation to see the red flags.

“The more I read of her comment the more I was like, ‘GIRL… 🚩'”

“I dated a very sweet, caring, adorable guy many years ago. But he got in these Obama conspiracy theories. And I would challenge his logic on it, but he would always go back to it. Otherwise he was great.”

“But I just asked myself: ‘Do you want to be the girlfriend of a guy who really, honestly believes that Obama is doing things like giving Mexican immigrants free cars?’. It was a wake up call. No matter how great he was, I couldn’t stop thinking he really thinks Obama is from Kenya even when he did something sweet.”

“Girl do you really want to be second fiddle to OJ Simpson your entire relationship? To this crazy theory? I’m not saying ‘throw the whole man away’, but this is a big red flag that something’s wrong. He did all this just to get a message out about how OJ Is in innocent and maybe OJ will see it? Step back and look at it from an outsider’s perspective. It’s not just about the book dedication.” –whateverusername999

Of course, we know which side the editors on Reddit were on.

NTA. As an editor by avocation, I am furious on your behalf. You put work into that book, you treated it as something more than a vehicle for his devotion, and he dedicates it to… I can’t. I can’t even. Set the book on fire. Set the whole man on fire.

Reading the comments, his conspiracy theory sounds like it would make a good Dan Brown ripoff novel. –NYCScribbler

While Reddit may not be sure if OP should be angry, everyone seems pretty sure she should be taking a long, hard look at her boyfriend and O.J. Simpson.

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