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25-Year-Old ‘Breatharian’ Who Avoids Eating Solid Foods Says Her Diet Mostly Consists Of Air


One of the most important parts of life on earth is the act of eating. It provides you with the energy you need to do pretty much anything in your life.

A 25-year-old, Minneapolis woman named Audra Bear is claiming she doesn’t need to eat, as she gets almost all her energy from the act of breathing.

According to Audra, being a “breatharian” is the most efficient state for your body.

As Audra describes it, all her energy comes from the prana she takes in from her breathing exercises. Prana is similar in concept to anima from old Latin beliefs, or chi from Chinese martial arts. It is a supposed life force that permeates the universe.


She shares a lot to her Instagram, and sharing these ideas has gain her more than a few followers.









Breatharianism isn’t a new concept. The modern incarnation of the idea has been around since about the 1970s.

The practice appropriates ideas of prana and fasting from ancient Hindu philosophy and repurposes them for the modern wellness movement.

Often it is just a grift. Wiley Brooks, arguably the man who founded the modern movement, was famously caught buying and eating fast food. Another proponent named Jasmuheen (born Ellen Greve) is linked to five deaths as a result of her breatharian claims.

For Audra, this does not appear to be the case. She’s not trying to sell you on expensive waters or retreats, and regularly shares her own meditation exercises.

So does she really get all her energy from only the air? In short, no.

In an interview with UNILAD, Audra explains she only occasionally eats, mostly during celebratory times.

However, she also says,

“Most days I just drink teas, fruit juices, green juices and fresh coconut waters.”

In addition, she often shares her recipes for smoothies.

Many of you are probably aware of the term “calorie”. The kind of calories you find listed on your food is scientifically known as a kilocalorie, or a kcal. This is the energy your body gets from eating protein, carbohydrates and fats.

Even if you blend down your fruits and vegetables, they still contain calories. So when you’re a breatharian who is still drinking smoothies, it’s probably the smoothies that your body is using for energy.

Over the years, breatharians have been offered chances and sometimes money to prove their lifestyle does what they say it does. Jasmuheen tried a controlled demonstration for 60 minutes, but failed rather spectacularly.

But maybe this time it will work!

To her credit, Audra is taking the attention in stride. Despite everyone pointing out precisely how ridiculous her claims are, her Instagram was recently updated.

I don’t think “words of encouragement” means the same thing to her as it does for us.

If you’re considering trying to get all your nutrients from breathing, let me stop you there. Don’t. It can be very dangerous, and humans need nutrients found in food to survive.

Please talk to your doctor about your health and the best way to lose weight or remain healthy.

Fad diets and dubious medical claims come and go constantly. But a great start for your children is teaching them how to make healthy meals. The cookbook The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs, available here, is designed for kids with recipes tested by kids.

Ben Acosta

Written by Ben Acosta

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