Bridesmaids Share Their Best Bridezilla Stories

Brides can be a bit much. We all know that. Their wedding is only the biggest day of their lives. So they are allowed a little leeway. But there is a point when nerves furlough into bats**t crazy! Who has thousands of dollars to spend as a bridesmaids? And the wedding party is not entitled to turn their lives over to the bride; someone should tell her that. Their are some wedding tales even fiction can’t cover. It’s just a party, not a world event ladies.

Redditor u/PuppieWayne wanted the bridesmaids of the internet to tell us a few tales asking… Bridesmaids of Reddit who was involved in a bridezilla wedding, what happened?

Be Legally Blonde… 

Bride was blonde. All bridesmaids except for me were brunette. She asked me to dye my hair brown for the wedding because she, “wanted to be the only blonde.” I suggested that instead I just give up my bridesmaid spot. Thankful to this day since I heard the dresses and bachelorette party cost all the other girls more money than I make in a month.


Girl you cray… 

She asked 16 girls to be bridesmaids. In the year and a half between the engagement and wedding, all but 6 dropped out (3 were her sisters). She wanted 16 separate shades of blue and 16 different styles of dresses for each bridesmaid then threw a fit when the store didn’t have that many options. She demanded everyone pay for a week long bachelorette party in Vegas (including her share) and then got mad when some people opted out (I was a single mom/college student at the time). Her parents gave her a $20,000 budget and she ended up spending $100k and demanding they pay for it- they took out a loan they are still paying off. She wanted everyone to have the same shade of hair so she asked the two blonde bridesmaids to dye their hair (they declined). She paid for nothing for the bridesmaids (traditionally the brides pay for something- the hair/makeup or the dress) but demanded we purchase specific shoes, jewelry, dress, etc plus hair and makeup. And stay the entire weekend at the hotel she was getting married at. All told, costs for the wedding- not including a gift- was well over $2k per bridesmaid. This was mostly amongst college age women in a poor/middle class area. She also had three separate engagement parties/bridal showers.

Final straw for me was when she demanded to see my toast a month prior so she could edit it. She ended up rewriting it totally.

I skipped the wedding totally and ended our friendship. They did end up getting married and 6+ years later he seems absolutely miserable.



I was almost in a bridezilla wedding… I had an ectopic pregnancy (baby attached to my tube, which then burst, and I almost bleed to death).. She got engaged shortly following my ectopic. When she asked me to be her bridesmaid , she told me that I would be required to wait to try to have another baby until after her wedding in 1.5 years… not because there would be a small child at the wedding, not even because she didn’t want me fat at her wedding… but because if I lost another child, it would take away from her engagement and wedding.. I was so shocked I just declined and have never spoken to her since.


Flowers should be cheaper… 

My wife’s best friend is a florist by trade, gifted her services to decorate her friends wedding. (Big cost savings)

Wedding goes as planned all is good. Afterwards Bride & Brides mom get pissy at florist friend who didn’t give a gift in the wedding card, “didn’t even cover her/husband’s plate” Let’s conveniently forget the $1000 in floral products gifted to the wedding, it’s a rift that never healed between them since.


Thanks dad… 

My dad had the audacity to die 6 weeks before the wedding, and she couldn’t understand why that superseded her wedding details for me. I met my husband at her wedding, haven’t spoken to her since.


I couldn’t attend my friend’s last minute destination wedding because I had to visit my dad out of state to handle hospice arrangements- he was dying of cancer. She threw an absolute hissy fit, attempting to guilt trip me because I couldn’t afford to make two plane flights. That was the end of our friendship.


Family first… 

This was my sister’s wedding so hold on tight. My sister had 10 bridesmaids. Most of them were her sorority sister’s from college. They wanted to plan an elaborate weekend for the summer, while most of them were still in school without jobs. When I asked “hey, who will pay for this?” my sister got pissed that I even asked. When I also reminded all the bridesmaids them that our father who had stage 4 cancer wasn’t doing so well and that maybe the bachelorette/bridal shower should be close by, they all flipped thinking I was being insensitive to the bride.

I was promptly asked not to be a bridesmaid to my own sister’s wedding over these two things. I was fine with this as she was a bridezilla and I spent time with our dying father. He died 2 weeks after her wedding day, that he couldn’t attend because he was in hospice care one day before her wedding. To me, she put herself before our ailing father, and it still makes me mad.


Don’t speak….

Bridesmaid to a bridezilla here. The bride spent a lot of time crying and carrying on whenever she didn’t get her way because “it was her wedding and we should all do exactly what she wanted.” Which is not to say we didn’t- we sure did. She wanted everyone to justify her irrational and horrible behavior because it was all about her. She didn’t enjoy it much when I told her she was wrong for kicking someone out of her bridal party , terminating the friendship, and pitching a fit because a girl couldn’t make bridesmaid dress shopping because she was sick and had to go to the hospital.

This is also coming from the same woman who got angry and didn’t speak to me for months because I didn’t come see her to congratulate her on her pregnancy when I was home on furlough for a week at Christmas.


Whatever girl… I’m too pretty for you… 

A friend of mine in college was getting married at 19 because she was super conservative christian and she wanted to have sex.

Between the time I agreed to be a bridesmaid and a couple of months before the wedding I lost some weight. She got super pissed at me because she wanted to be the skinny one on the stage and threw me out of the wedding party.

Oh well.


This is more than a student loan…

It was a best friend of mine who was very frugal, so I figured she was going to have a reasonable wedding and bachelorette party. I had shared my monetary concerns with her too, that I worked and went to school and couldn’t take off much time. She didn’t have that many friends so It was only me and one other girl as bridesmaids. She asked us to hand-make ALL her decorations for the wedding (I put in 15 hours a week hand making decorations, all outside of working and going to school full time).

Then she planned a week long bachelorette party out of town, also asking us to foot the bill, not to mention our dresses which I wanted to find something affordable (but she picked designer matching dresses that we had to pay for…never worn It again, been trying to sell It online). I spent nearly 1k on the whole ordeal, not to mention I did her hair and makeup for free for the wedding. I just felt largely taken advantage of and unappreciated. We are no longer friends because we ended up working together (after the wedding) and she tried to screw me over at work. It all makes me very reluctant to agree to be in someone’s wedding again, even someone I thought would be considerate of everyone else’s budget and time.


Thanks anyway… 

If someone proposes something outside my budget… I just tell them it’s outside my budget. “Thanks for the invite, it sounds great but I can’t afford it this week.” If they want to pay for my ticket that’s fine – I do the same if I want to bring a friend to something they can’t afford. But if they don’t want to, no hard feelings!


You need AA honey not Scotch! 

I bartend at a catering joint. “Bridezilla” would honestly describe like 40% of brides at our weddings. They can be extremely demanding, always blamed us, the bartenders, for the limitations of our venue or their own contract. Ran out of the special order scotch on our bar? You shoulda ordered more bottles. Quit yelling at me for your own mess up.


Ladies, ladies, ladies! 

Okay, can I offer a different perspective?? I was the maid of honor for my sister’s wedding. My sister, who has the patience of a saint, was the calmest and most laid back of us all. The bridesmaids though, they turned into the -zillas of the wedding. I spent all my time before the wedding driving everyone around because they kept changing plans as to where to park their cars and who was gonna have what stuff in what car, etc. Because the plans changed so many times, at the reception I was so worn out and my feet were bleeding from having to run to all the different cars over and over again because the bridesmaids forgot who had what in who’s car because, as I said, they kept changing the plan before so no one had a clear idea of the ordeal. It was the happiest and worst day of my life at the same time. Man it feels good to rant about this.


Not all themes are appropriate… 

My best friend is a stripper. She was hired to do a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, set up by the bride. It became clear quickly she had set it up like this so she can watch her groom to make sure he doesn’t have too much fun.

The whole time, she was sitting on his lap, making him watch their mutual friends getting lap dances. My friend was instructed that if she needed to speak to the groom, address the bride instead. She showed up to the venue to see the bride yelling at their friends to pose for pictures with the strippers, or they’re going to “ruin everything.”

She was the most controlling bride my friend had ever seen. Her man couldn’t even have a drink without asking. She kept ordering him to smile. The best man joked with my friend that she’s so good, they’ll invite her to the divorce party to perform, because there was no way a man could live like this for long. mollymolotov666

All the colors! 

I’ve had colorful hair for years now. It’s quite the investment–I go to a salon to get it done, and buy high quality products. When my best friend asked me to be her MOH, my hair was neon pink. Three weeks before her wedding, she requested that I color my hair to a natural color. I was SHOCKED. She offered to give me $100 to get it done (lol). I had justttt gotten my hair done (a plum/red color, quite tame in comparison to what I’ve done in the past)

If I had just randomly went from brown to lime green out of no where I might understand her frustrations, but at this point I hadn’t seen my natural color in like 3 years!

I never changed my hair, we got into a screaming match at her bachelorette party and she drunkenly revealed that her mom hated my hair and would not stop yelling about it. We cried and hugged in the club bathroom and all was well.

Her mom didn’t speak to me at the wedding and I’m okay with that. sweetvi0let

Deep Breathes… 

Wasn’t a bridesmaid, but the bride was super controlling and prone to panic attacks. If people hadn’t RSVPed to the shower, bachelorette party, wedding BEFORE the date listed, she had a mental breakdown. Like if the rsvp date was Oct 1, she was panicking Sept 20. The bridesmaids had to call people up and tell them the bride was freaking out and having panic attacks because they hadn’t responded yet so they needed an answer today. SalamandrAttackForce

Post College changes people… 

The bride was someone I had known since college, so about a dozen years at this point.

She wanted all of her bridesmaids and mother and future mother in law at David’s bridal to help her pick out her dress. We were there for 6 hours. Later on she decided she didn’t like the $1500 dress she chose and went back to get another one. The first one was already altered, so no returns. Then she went back a third time because she didn’t like the second dress either. So she bought a total if 3 wedding dresses for this wedding. She made us buy bright neon pink strapless floor length gowns for $200 and insisted that we pay the super expensive David’s Bridal prices “for consistency.”

Like other bridesmaids have listed here, I was instructed that my hair must remain a “natural color” and that I must have professional hair, makeup, and nails for the wedding. She is a trust funder and refused to pay for any of this. One of her best friends had blue hair and was pretty upset that she had to change her image in order to fit the wedding and it caused some drama. I’m not sure if her friend was allowed to be in the wedding after all, since I was fired before the big day.

She held 3 separate bridal showers and expected her bridesmaids to show up to every single one with a gift. I received group text e-vites for these events and I spent weeks having people reply all to the texts with their dumb comments and questions. On at least 1 occasion the shower was on a Saturday and she notified us all on Thursday that our presence was mandatory.

Her maid of honor told me she was really busy and couldn’t host the bachelorette party, and asked if I would mind helping out. I was unemployed and said I’d be happy to help plan. Well, apparently they thought I was paying for the whole thing! The MOH gave me a guest list and asked that I send out an e-vite via email. The bride called me yelling because it was “tacky” to send e-vites and I should have made real invitations (note the fact above that she group texted her invites). She was also angry that the guest list included people she didn’t like, and that I should have let her see the guest list beforehand (I got it from her best friend and MOH, how was I supposed to know?). She insisted that I buy all of the party favors from a boutique event store in the rich side of town (again, I was unemployed). When I told her I couldn’t afford that and I was just helping to plan, I got screamed at and I was disinvited from the party.

That same week I received a text that I was fired from My bridesmaid duties, and asked that I give her the dress so she could let her other friend wear it. The dress that I paid $200 for plus the cost of alterations! I asked if she planned on paying me for it, and she said she would after the wedding. I knew this was a lie so I told her to pound sand.

We never spoke again. TheBinksterIsHere

Where you at girl?! 

My best friend wasn’t really a bridezilla about the wedding. But she asked me to host an after party because the reception was non-alcoholic at a church fellowship hall. So she wanted to invite the friends to my house afterward to drink, sit around a bonfire, and celebrate. I was told there would be 15-20 guests. I made food for 20 people. I bought flowers and decorations. I bought enough beer and made enough mojitos for 20. 4 hours after the expected start time of this post-reception hootenanny, she and her husband and one other friend showed up. I was livid. I laid into her. I got drunk and went to sleep. The reason for the delay? She wanted to open presents first. The reason for no one showing up? She neglected to tell anyone. workity_work

I was the gift! 

My best friend got married and she was actually very calm throughout the whole planning process and on the wedding day. However, the day after the wedding she texted me and sarcastically said “thanks for the wedding present.” I was planning to get her a present with my next paycheck. However, I was in such shock she texted me that. Especially after I spent ~$800 (dress, alterations, shoes, nails, makeup, hair, hotel room, etc.) to be in her wedding. It felt like all she cared about was gifts. smnth123

It’s just a party!

Granted I am 25 and just getting settled into my career, but my best friend expected me to spend over $2k on her bachelorette party-this was to fly to a resort and didn’t include food/activities/etc.

Granted she and most of her friends are in their 30s but there was no way I could pull that off on top of everything I had spent just being in the wedding. I participated in everything I could but heck no I couldn’t drop that kind of money.idtapthatpinata

Vacation anyway! 

My wife-to-be was the maid of honor for a destination wedding in Costa Rica. There was a falling out between the two of them, weeks before, on the night of the bachelorette party when the bride decided to get too drunk and straight up ostracize her (my fiancé) in front of her other friends that she was in a sorority with. My fiancé is not in the sorority. They were college roommates for 2 years. Bridezilla Called her names, blatantly ignored her for no reason, and was quite the demanding person up until the wedding

My fiancé, myself, and my fiancé’s mom, dad, and brother went to Costa Rica for the week, for HER wedding mind you. Her family spent $15,000 for this trip in total. The bride acted as if we did not exist on the day of the wedding or the days prior at the resort.

Whatever. We had a good vacation regardless of her coldheartedness. My future brother-in-law and I DJ’d the event for free and kept her 30 or so guests Dancing all night.

We get married a week from today, and my fiancé was big enough to invite her (not as a bridesmaid, obviously). Bridezilla decided to not even respond with a yes or no. Their relationship has been radio-silent since. So much for college best friends. YoshiCudders