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Broadway Star Hit With Backlash After Saying He’ll ‘Respectfully Disobey’ State Restrictions On Religious Services

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Broadway actor Chad Kimball, who was among the first wave of people in New York City to become infected with the virus, has received backlash for a tweet in which he promised to “respectfully disobey” Washington state restrictions on singing at church services.

Singing has long been identified as a major risk factor for spreading the virus, as it expels aerosol droplets over long distances. Kimball, a star of the currently suspended Come From Away, said that Governor Jay Inslee’s restriction was about “power” rather than safety.

He said in his bizarre rant:

Almost immediately, Kimball was hit with backlash from other actors, including actors from the show.

Terrence McNally, a well-known playwright and librettist who has written several Broadway shows, as well as Nick Cordero, a film, TV, and stage actor, both passed away this year due to complications from the virus.

Other Broadway actors invoked their deaths in their criticisms of Kimball.

Broadway actors seem to have lost patience across the board with Mr. Kimball, who has donated to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and whose Twitter feed contains constant references to anti-Black Lives Matter causes, such as #backtheblue.

Kimball’s career will hang in the balance as Broadway struggles to put itself back together over the next few years.

Hopefully Broadway will send a clear message that this is not okay.

Mike Walsh

Written by Mike Walsh

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