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Cafe That Called Itself A ‘Safe Zone’ For Straight Trump Supporters Is Shuttering After Massive Backlash

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A vegan cafe in Sydney, Australia permanently closed after the owner sparked intense outrage with a barrage of questionable content all over the business’ social media pages.

Most notably, owner Mark Da Costa dubbed the cafe a “safe zone” for the straight community in a recent Instagram post.

Most of the cafe’s social media pages were deleted along with the announced closure.

But of course, the internet did its work to take some screenshots like this one.

Hale & Hearty/Facebook via @JennaGuillaume/Twitter

People couldn’t believe what they were seeing. 

And the temperature only increased when Da Costa posted a defensive video of himself cussing out any and all people that disagreed with him. 

WARNING: NSFW language

Some even contacted the official Hale & Hearty account to express concern. 

They were met with toxic intolerance. 


Despite the backlash, the Hale & Hearty made one final stand against all things tolerant and welcoming.

He held a MAGA night on November 3, election day in the U.S. despite the cafe being in Australia.


Again, people were both outraged and utterly confused. 

But it all eventually caught up to Da Costa.

In a final post to Instagram, he announced the impending closure of the Hale & Hearty.

Twitter users rejoiced. 

And that is what happens when a small business owner allows their unpopular privately held principles to override their business decisions.

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Written by Eric Spring

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