California Man Has Total Racist Meltdown After Black Store Manager Asks Him To Wear A Mask

San Luis Obispo Tribune

*Content Warning: language

Are you ready for another episode of You ‘Bout To Lose Your Job?

Harold Brown, a store manager in Atascadero, California, was complying with Governor Gavin Newsom’s mandate that citizens must wear masks in public places when he was subject to an intense racist rant.

You can watch video of the interaction here:

After asking a White customer to put on a mask in compliance with the law, the man began hurling racial epithets at Brown, including the ‘n’ word; and telling him to “go fetch [him] some water.”

Brown said to the San Luis Obispo Tribune:

“I’m not surprised by it.”

“I’m honestly not even affected by it anymore.”

“But, especially in the time that we’re in right now, it’s just shocking to me that people still go out of their way to implicate themselves when the nation is falling apart for that very reason.”

As the man’s business name and phone number is clearly shown on the side of his van, it didn’t take long for Twitter to track down his name.

Baxter seems to be self-employed so he can’t lose his job in true fashion, but his Yelp page has been getting reamed.

One reviewer wrote:

“Any questions you have about this man and his business are answered by this video. Nobody who behaves like this should be allowed in your home.”

According to Brown, the man returned, demanding the video be taken down, and used the N-word once again.

“I told him, ‘I didn’t do this to you. You did this to yourself’.”

Racist rants seem to be popping up all around the nation as of late. With unrest across the nation showing no signs of slowing down, it seems like on a daily basis we will see video of someone new ruining their own lives.

Mike Walsh

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