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California Subway Riders Stage ‘Eat-In’ Protest After Man Is Handcuffed And Cited For Eating Chicken Sandwich On Subway Platform

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As the police crack down on poor people and the working class, San Franciscans have taken an unusual stand in saying that these citations directed at them won’t fly.

After various videos were posted across social media showing a Black man being cited and later arrested for eating on a Bay Area Rapid Transit platform, residents of the surrounding communities of San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley staged an “eat-in” protest.


Posted by Bill Gluckman on Friday, November 8, 2019

People also noted the officer stated the man was being arrested for “resisting arrest.” The circular argument drew widespread criticism.

The “eat-in” protest arose as a way to show  police clearly were targeting somebody unfairly for a law that is, at best, minimally enforceable. As one of the people filming pointed out, there are no signs saying eating is prohibited on platforms, just on the trains.

The law was cited as being on the books to criminalize the poor and working class, whose only time to eat may be in transit.

Even BART director Janice Li was seen as part of the protest.

BART has said they are “reviewing” the incident.

But people who have had a confrontation with the police say that means “we don’t care, but we’ll pretend we do until this goes away.”

And people are calling out both the police and the transit authority.

Hopefully the protest will get BART talking more about which laws are truthfully in place to police POC, working class and poor people, rather than for the good of the system.


Written by Mike Walsh

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