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Catholic School Student Comes Out As Gay During Speech In Front Of Massive Crowd—And We’re Cheering ❤️

Screenshot: Twitter/SBS News

An Australian student announced he is gay during a speech at his Catholic school, and his words were met with a standing ovation.

During his keynote address, 17-year-old Finn Stannard, a student at St. Ignatius College in Riverview, Australia, revealed his sexual orientation to a crowd of over 1,500 fellow students and faculty, and the response he received was overwhelmingly positive.

In a video of the speech released exclusively to SBS News, Stannard said:

“Announcing yourself to the world is pretty terrifying. What if the world doesn’t like you?”

Stannard said he was able to summon the courage to make the announcement after Australia voted “yes” in favor of same-sex marriage last year during a controversial plebiscite, according to Newshub.

He said:

“When the results of the plebiscite came out, that’s when I knew that I could do the speech and it would be alright in the end.”

Many commenters on Twitter were supportive of Stannard’s announcement:

Stannard, who recently completed his HSC, wrote the speech with a younger version of himself in mind. His intention, as he told SBS News, was to help others who might be struggling with similar feelings.

He said:

“I think that’s really the biggest reason I made sure I got up onto that stage and gave the speech. I don’t think anybody should have to go through the feeling of loss that I felt like I’d gone through.”

Though some people online weren’t as positive, commenters were more than happy to educate them:

In his speech, Stannard said:

“Being different, whether it’s being gay or being part of another minority group, can be challenging but it does not have to be scary and isolating. Every single one of you can help, in your own way, by accepting others for exactly who they are.”

Paul Hine, the principal of St. Ignatius, called Stannard’s speech a “watershed” moment for the school.

Twitter user Steve Richardson didn’t think much of Stannard’s choice to come out at the assembly, but Samantha tried to put it in perspective for him:

This exchange really breaks down why Stannard’s decision to come out during a school-wide event was both courageous and important:

Kudos to Finn for showing such bravery.

H/T: Twitter, SBS News


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