Larry David’s Daughter Sparks Bizarre Debate After Penning An Essay About Being ‘Too Full’ To Have Sex

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In her aptly titled collection of essays, No One Asked For This, Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie David, released an essay about food and sex in the exact opposite correlation which you’d expect from those topics.

The essay, entitled “Too Full To F**k,” is an unclear examination of David’s idea that if one has eaten too much food that day, there is no more room in their body for an object (such as a man’s penis) to penetrate it.

The subtitle reads:

“You can’t always make room for a d**k. Especially if you’ve eaten dessert.”

David’s essay revolving around this central idea stated:

“Sometimes I’m just too full to have sex. I don’t know for sure if this is something other girls experience or just me, because I’ve never heard any of them discuss it.”

“Maybe it’s supposed to be kept secret among us girls, information so sensitive that we cannot risk releasing it in conversation.”

“Or maybe I’m actually the only one who gets too full to be able to have sex, and if that’s the case, then pretend this never happened.”

“Other girls” gave David’s essay less than rave reviews online.

The essay referred to the existence of only two genders in such strong terms that it was cited by many people as transphobic.

Others cited David’s insistence that “straight couples” could only engage in penis in vagina sex.

It also described a whole host of “problems” at dinner that seemed nonsensical, such as an argument within David’s own mind about whether or not her ex-boyfriend telling her to get ice cream meant he didn’t want to have sex with her.

Not only that, but anatomically David’s argument seems extremely uninformed as food is generally not stored in the vagina.

This essay had to make it through several people before getting published, including an editor.

As a Twitter user observed, “you’d imagine a book editor would have had some thoughts on if this experience is truly universal.”

No One Asked For This is available for purchase as of Tuesday, November 17—for anyone interested in an entire book of essays like this.

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