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Black Couple Blasts ‘Chick-Fil-A Karen’ For Complaining About Their Kids Being Too Loud In Play Area


A new viral TikTok shows a Black couple telling off a so-called “Chick-Fil-A Karen” who berated them for their kids being too loud in the play area of a Chick-Fil-A location.

In the video, the children’s father can be seen telling off an elderly White woman for complaining about his kids making too much noise.

In the designated play area.

@qbaylormKaren tells black kids they are too loud at a chick fil a play place ##karen ##blm ##acab ##racism♬ DIE VERY ROUGH – Yung Lambo

The elderly White woman can be heard saying:

“Keep it up.”

The protective father replied:

“I am gonna keep it up. What’s gonna happen?”

The woman replied with a threat to call the police, and the father responded by dressing her down.

“Go ahead, call them. You sound dumb telling me my kids are making too much noise, noise pollution.”

“You sound ignorant. You sound like a fool.”

At this point, a manager came over.

The father explained the Karen’s ridiculous accusation—his children were creating “noise pollution” in the designated play area.

“… she’s gonna sit here talking about because they were playing, that it’s noise pollution, she’s gonna call the police.”

“Go ahead. You sound dumb.”

The father is then seen thanking someone else in the room, who presumably backed him up in the confrontation.

The manager does not appear to have done anything but stand there looking between the two parties, which is perhaps why the Karen then turned to the children’s mother and began talking to her.

The mother, while less agitated than the father, also had no patience for the Karen as she pointed out the obvious.

“All you had to do was move. That’s it.”

“You didn’t have to say nothing to us if you didn’t like it.”

TikTokers were firmly on the side of the parents.






















The election may be over, but the struggles our country faces are definitely not. 


John Sundholm

Written by John Sundholm

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