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A Violent Trend Called The “Necking Game’ Has Parents Concerned

Whether they’re eating Tide pods or planking on unstable surfaces, sometimes it seems kids will do almost anything that puts their health and safety in danger. Enter the newest fad that has parents worried: the “Necking Game.”

The rules of the game are as straightforward as they are stupid: A kid runs up to another kid and slaps him or her hard on the base of the neck. Sometimes, afterward, they’ll run away. Other times, they’ll trade slaps back and forth to see who can resist more pain.

Many parents, however, are concerned the game could cause serious health risks. One student, Robby Ceja from Forkner Elementary School in Fresno, California, reported feeling a “pressure hitting his head” while playing the game with a classmate.

Robby’s mother worried that a hard enough unexpected slap might also cause a student to fall forward. In response, Forkner Elementary sent an audio recording to families last week, via their phones, informing them about the game and warning them of its risks.

This is just the latest in a series of dangerous challenges and games among teens. Others include the cinnamon challenge, where students would attempt to eat an entire spoonful of cinnamon, which often resulted in coughing fits but could also cause asthma attacks and hospitalization.

Students also caused themselves to vomit and choke with the “chubby bunny” challenge, where teens would stuff their mouths with more and more marshmallows until they were unable to say “chubby bunny.”

While no serious injuries related to the necking game have yet been reported, experts warn it has the potential to be dangerous and is better off ended before anyone has to experience serious consequences.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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