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Airline President’s ‘Nut Rage’ Incident Forces Airline To Settle $18,000 Lawsuit With Flight Attendant

Imagine being served macadamia nuts in the same small bag that everyone else receives them in instead of the fancy porcelain serving bowl you deserve. If you’re anything like Korean Airlines Vice President Heather Cho, you’d probably throw an in-flight tantrum so epic it would later be dubbed a violation of aviation law.

In 2014, Cho allegedly assaulted a flight attendant for serving her in-bag macadamia nuts and even ordered the taxiing plane (which belonged to the company she was Vice-President of) to return to the gate so she could throw the flight attendant off.

As a result, courts have ordered Korean Airlines to pay 20 million South Korean won ($18,000) to the wronged flight attendant.

According to CNN, Cho was also sentenced to a year in prison for assault, which was later reduced to 5 months and 2 years of probation.

After the “macadamia incident,” Cho resigned from her executive position at Korean Airlines, but quietly slipped into a new one, according to CNN Business. She and her sister would both later be fired by her father, the owner of Korean Airlines, however, after the sister, Emily Cho, got involved in her own scandal by insulting and throwing a glass of water in the face of an advertising executive.

This is one of many scandals which have engulfed Samsung Hanjin Group, Korean Air’s parent company, over the past several years. In 2017, a political corruption scandal shook the bedrock of the massive chaebol (large, South Korean company) and resulted in the arrest of Lee Jae-yong, “the de facto leader of the huge Samsung business empire.”

Members of such large companies have a long history of avoiding serious consequences for their actions, however, and Jae-yong was released from prison in February after the sentence connected to his “bribery and other corruption charges” was suspended.

Meanwhile, if you ever find yourself in an executive position at a major airline, try not to ruin everything by going crazy over some macadamia nuts. Trust us, you’ll regret it.


Written by Collin Gossel

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