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Chicago Man Kills College Student After Getting Enraged That She Ignored His Catcalls

ABC 7 Chicago/YouTube, GoFundMe

*WARNING: the following contains news reports of sexual assault

26-year-old Donald Thurman is being charged with the murder of 19-year-old Ruth George.

George was a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Police believe Thurman catcalled George as she was walking home.

When she ignored him, he followed her into a parking garage, where he sexually assaulted and then murdered her.

After George didn’t return home, her parents called the police, who were able to trace her cellphone to a parking garage. Inside, they discovered her body in the backseat of the family car.

According to authorities, Thurman followed George into a parking garage after she ignored his catcalls, “put her in a chokehold and later sexually assaulted her.” Thurman emerged from the garage about a half-hour after entering, alone.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot wrote about George’s murder on Twitter.

Ruth George was an honors student hoping for a degree in physical therapy. A GoFundMe was created to help her family pay for funeral expenses and has already raised nearly $40,000 dollars.

Thurman’s handprint was recovered from the car and police were able to track him down by waiting at a Chicago train station he was known to use.

The killer has a criminal history. He was, at the time of the murder, released from prison on parole after serving two years of a six-year sentence for armed robbery.

Thurman gave a full confession to police.

His attorneys stated in court that he is homeless with a history of mental illness. 

George’s family told ABC that she was their “beloved baby” and hope no other family would ever have to go through anything like this.

Meanwhile, people on Twitter mourned her passing.

RIP, Ruth George.


Written by Collin Gossel

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