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College Student Dies Of ‘Mystery’ Causes After Going On Extreme Diet To Lose Weight Before Trip

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Lindsey Bone, a 20-year-old student at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England was found dead in her dorm room on April 5.

An autopsy determined she had died the day prior after an unusual diet which involved fasting and apple cider vinegar tablets to suppress appetite.

According to the Telegraph, apple cider pills are made from “crushed, distilled and fermented” apples and is advertised as a “natural appetite suppressant.”

Bone was reportedly nervous about her weight ahead of a vacation.

Coroner’s official Claire Rogers recovered a food journal among Bone’s possesions which contains passages like “eat no more than 1,200 calories a day,” “carbs only once a day if at all,” “stay at the library and don’t eat,” “snack on fruit” and “take your f—– apple cider vinegar.”

Bone’s mother described her as a “wonderful, strong person.”

“She wanted to get through university to honor her dad and do the best she could. She had so many plans for the future and everything she wanted to do.”

Coroners couldn’t find any exact reason for Bone’s death, labeling her passage a minor “mystery.” Though her diet was somewhat unusual, Dr. Catherine Guy, Bone’s pathologist, said her autospy results were mostly “normal.”

One exception was her blood acid levels.

“The only positive finding from blood tests was a slightly high acid level in the blood.”

“It was not at a level we would normally consider as a fatal level but it was a lot higher than usual. Your body has a natural way of balancing acid and alkali and that can be affected by diet, very high protein and low fat diets, especially if there has been fasting.”

The apple cider pills could have caused this effect according to Dr. Guy.

“Apple cider vinegar is a food supplement. There is not much information on the effect it could have.”

“Obviously the vinegar is acidic and we don’t know how many she was taking at once. The only serious effects in the past have been when people have had a lot of vinegar.”

But, that having been said, Dr. Guy also doubts the pills alone caused Bone’s death.

“The only two conclusions would be natural causes or misadventure if we found that for some reason any supplements she was taking had a reaction with any of her medication.”

“But that seems so unlikely because it’s not as if apple cider vinegar is new. On the balance of probability, I can record it is likely cardiac arrhythmia.”

“I don’t know what has caused it.”

Dr. Guy thinks other factors may have played a role in Lindsey’s unexpected passing.

“What might have contributed is the anxiety and depression because of what she had been prescribed. They might not be 100 percent good.”

“Any prescription carries an element of risk. We can’t avoid the risks we don’t know about.”

Bone’s mother is sending out this warning to anyone considering extreme dieting:

“Please be careful.”

The book The Fad Proof Diet: Debunking the Myths and Secrets of Weight Loss is available here.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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