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Female U.S. Open Tennis Player Penalized For Changing Shirt On Court—And Fans Are Crying Foul

Image Credit: @ABCGrandstand/Twitter

On Wednesday, August 29, at the US Open, French tennis player Alizé Cornet was issued a code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct after she realized her shirt was on backward and stepped to the back of the court to correct the mistake, momentarily removing her shirt and revealing her sports bra.

The incident is highlighting for many the sexism which still lingers in the world of sports. Male tennis players are frequently seen near the court with no shirts at all.

Djokovic, one of the world’s most famous male tennis players, was issued no violations for sitting shirtless during his break at the same competition, while the ten seconds it took Cornet to change were seen as a major distraction.

Twitter users were outraged!

There should be nothing wrong with a woman momentarily revealing her sports bra. 

The US Open has responded to the controversy by saying they regretted that a violation was issued to Cornet.

Though Cornet should have never been given a penalty, it’s nice that the US Open recognizes their mistake and is now aiming to make amends.

The Women’s Tennis Association also expressed their support for Cornet.

Hopefully, errors like this one won’t be made in the future. The tennis court should be an equal playing field for all genders.

H/T – Twitter, BBC


Written by Collin Gossel

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