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Frenchman Becomes First Person To Have Two Face Transplants After Initial One Was Rejected

*Warning: This article contains images some readers may find disturbing*

Jerome Hamon was born with a genetic mutation which caused tumors to grow on his face. To fight his disfigurement, in 2010 Hamon became one of the first people to ever receive a facial transplant surgery. In 2015, however, he was given antibiotics to fight a cold, though the doctor who prescribed them did not know they would interfere with treatments Hamon was receiving.

In 2016, as Hamon's body began to reject his new face, it became clear something needed to be done. In January 2017, after 2 months of living without a face, a donor had was found and Hamon became the first person in history to receive a second facial transplant.

Three months later, Hamon is still recuperating in a hospital and getting used to his new nickname: The Man with Three Faces.

Hamon has now gone through two incredibly striking transformations.

Twitter finds his situation mind-boggling!

Hamon must have incredible inner strength.

And, of course, much is owed to the surgeon who performed the procedure!

Congratulations on your new face, Mr. Hamon—we hope this will be your last!

H/T – Twitter, The Mirror


Written by Collin Gossel

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