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Intense Security Footage Shows Woman Attacking McDonald’s Employee Over Ketchup


We all want our favorite condiments when we visit the local McDonald’s, but it’s important not to let that turn into a violent altercation with the restaurant’s manager, which is exactly what security footage captured happening at a Mcdonald’s in Santa Anna, California.

In an effort to find some ketchup, an unnamed woman went around to the back entrance of the restaurant and entered the employee area at 11 p.m. on October 27. On camera, she’s seen demanding ketchup as the manager tells her she isn’t allowed to be behind the counter.

When the manager refused to give the woman ketchup and told her to leave the area, the woman “kicked, punched and choked” the manager.

The entire fight was captured by security cameras:

A man police believe to be an associate of the assault suspect ran behind the counter and pulled the unnamed woman away when he saw what was happening. A customer can also be seen at the drive-through waiting for food while the woman throws the manager up against a drink machine just inside the window.

Police are currently looking for the woman, described as “hispanic with brown hair and aged about 20 to 25.”

Watching the video, people on social media couldn’t believe what they were seeing:

Remember: the next time you’re at a McDonald’s, just ask for more ketchup from the customer side of the counter. Trust us, it’s not worth getting in an epic battle over.

H/T – Yahoo, ABC6


Written by Collin Gossel

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