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Kanye West Was Caught Unlocking His Phone On TV During His White House Visit—And It’s A Big Facepalm ?


You may have heard that rapper Kanye West met with President Trump for lunch to discuss the nation and Kanye’s take on what needs to be fixed in America. The meeting was considered by many to be a publicity stunt and complete waste of time, but even if nothing else came out of it, America DID learn some important information about West’s phone passcode.

During the portion of their lunch that was televised, West unlocked his phone while his screen was on camera, revealing his password to be “000000.” Upon seeing this, computer scientists the world over had a small panic attack.

The internet began laughing almost immediately.

Kanye must not be very worried about phone security…

“000000” is considered one of the weakest passcodes a person can choose.

Some saw an unintended layer of meaning to the numbers.

Some eagle-eyed observers have noted it’s possible Kanye was simply entering a pin after his FaceID failed, but “000000” is still an incredibly easy-to-hack pin. Especially when you broadcast it live to the world on television.

Other notable moments from the meeting include an extended monologue by Kanye, which Trump lavished with praise:

There was also this great hug, which made the world collectively cringe.

If Trump and Kanye’s goal was to accomplish anything of value, they may have fallen short. If all they intended to do was generate media attention and shareable moments, well…they may have been the most successful people of all time.

And, just in case you ever need it, remember: Kanye’s password is “000000.”

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Written by Collin Gossel

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