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Kathy Griffin Doesn’t Think That Graphic Pro-Trump Video That Showed Her Being Killed Is Funny At All

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In 2017, comedian Kathy Griffin was largely ostracized from Hollywood for posing in a picture where she held up a prop decapitated head of President Donald Trump.

As Trump’s scandals and humanitarian controversies have piled up, however, most of the public seems to have forgiven or at least shrugged away the issue.

One reason why Griffin’s picture no longer seems as extreme as it once was is due to President Trump himself posting videos that promote violence against news organizations and liberal personalities.

In a recent video played at a Pro-Trump event in Miami, Florida at the Trump Organization’s Doral golf resort, the President’s face is photoshopped onto actor Colin Firth’s body from the movie Kingsmen in the famous scene where he slaughters an entire church full of White supremacists.

In the video, the faces of liberal celebrities and news organizations are the victims of Trump’s rampage.

Griffin, who was included in the video alongside other notable figures like “HuffPost, CNN, CBS, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and former President Barack Obama,” wrote about it on Twitter, calling on people to take it seriously.

“Im depicted as being murdered by The President of the United States in this video. The left, right & center left me hanging out to dry regarding the Trump mask photo. Please don’t let it happen again. No, this video isn’t a joke to his followers. And it will not be taken as such.”

Though many conservatives are attacking Griffin for alleged hypocrisy in her denouncement of the video, she believes there’s a huge difference between a comedian with relatively little political power posting a satirical picture and supporters of the President of the United States endorsing violence against a plethora of different organizations and individuals.

In a public statement, CNN denounced the video in no uncertain terms, saying:

“Sadly, this is not the first time that supporters of the president have promoted violence against the media in a video they apparently find entertaining — but it is by far and away the worst.”

The White House Correspondents Association also denounced the video in a press release that can be read here.

The organization which held the Miami event, American Priority, claims the video was shown as part of their meme exhibit and say it is “not associated with or endorsed by the conference in any official capacity.”

Organizer Alex Phillips commented:

“American Priority rejects all political violence and aims to promote a healthy dialogue about the preservation of free speech. This matter is under review.” 

On Twitter, many were outraged at the hypocrisy of Griffin’s critics.

Depictions of violence against the media and innocent individuals are always jarring but are even more disturbing when they’re promoted by the President’s supporters as a funny representation of his power.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders who was in attendance told reporters she was not aware of the video and had not seen it at the event in question.

Griffin’s last book, Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index, is available here.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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