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Kentucky Motorist Tries To Destroy Massive Snowman, But Ends Up With A Dose Of Instant Karma Instead ????

Facebook: The Cody Lutz

The giant 9-foot snowman Cody Lutz and his fiancee built in their Petersburg, Kentucky front yard gave some local hooligan what would become the worst idea of his life. Why not just ram a car right into the snowman, plowing all of their hard work into the ground? Wouldn’t that be hilarious?

Yes, as it turns out…but not for the reason the prankster thought.

What the driver didn’t know was that the giant snowman’s structural support was provided by a massive tree stump in its bottom layer.

Sometime during the night of January 13, a prankster tried to run Frosty down, only to get a strong helping of instant karma.

This is Petersburg for you. What they didnt count on, is the massive stump in the center. Life is hard, but its much...

Posted by Cody Lutz on Monday, January 14, 2019

Lutz summed things up pretty well in his Facebook post:

“This is Petersburg for you. What they didnt count on, is the massive stump in the center. Life is hard, but it’s much harder when you’re stupid.”

Lutz also laughed to Fox 19:

“Instant Karma! It’s hilarious! You know, what goes around comes around, in good ways and bad ways. So, I guess everyone learns a valuable lesson here from Frosty.”

Twitter couldn’t help but snicker at the prankster’s misfortune.

The driver was probably hoping for a good laugh, but it seems the shoe is on the other foot this time.

Definitely not a great look for the driver…

People who run over snowmen don’t seem to be the brightest batch.

Twitter got a big collective laugh out of Lutz’s picture of the snowy aftermath.

Some others couldn’t wait to try making a giant snowman of their own:

One can only imagine the little “souvenir” the driver now has of his exploits.

Remember: never mess with Frosty.


Written by Collin Gossel

Collin Gossel is a writer and comedian living in Brooklyn, New York, but there are nights when he looks up at the stars and wistfully thinks to himself theres got to be more out there You can catch Collin improvising new musicals every Tuesday night at the Magnet Theaters Musical Megawatt, or follow his unfiltered thoughts on Twitter and Instagram @CollinGossel.--