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Local Fox Anchors Criticize Black Student Who Was Accepted To 20 Colleges—Because, Of Course ?

Michael Brown, a 17-year-old from Houston, Texas, applied to 20 colleges, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and UC Berkely. With a GPA of 4.68 and SAT score of 1540, it's not surprising he was accepted to every single one — and was given full-ride scholarships.

Brown's massive accomplishment should be applauded by anyone who hears about it—after all, being accepted to 20 universities is an almost superhuman feat. Three local Fox News anchors, however, felt the need to criticize Brown, saying it was "obnoxious" that he applied to so many schools in the first place.

In other words:

The anchors' argument that Brown's application to multiple universities takes spots away from other hard-working individuals makes no sense.

Simply applying to that many colleges is an impressive accomplishment, let alone being accepted by them!

Would these anchors have been more comfortable if Brown had worked a little… less hard?

No one should be criticizing Brown. They should be celebrating him.

Congratulations, Michael! Your success is well-earned and much-deserved!

H/T – Twitter, USA Today


Written by Collin Gossel

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