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Man Couldn’t Seem To Shed His ‘Beer Belly’—And It Turned Out To Be A 30-Pound Tumor

*WARNING: This story contains images some readers may find disturbing.*

Kevin Daly received an open heart surgery in 2015, after which his doctor recommended he lose some weight to ensure his safety. Following the doctor's orders, Daly shed 34 pounds by October 2017 but couldn't seem to get rid of his "beer gut." He was perplexed—nothing he did seemed to have any effect on his slightly rounded belly! Eager for answers, Daly underwent a CAT scan which revealed the shocking truth: he was having trouble shrinking his gut because there was a 30-pound tumor growing in his abdomen.

Twitter channeled their horror into sarcasm:

Daly also joked about his tumor baby.

Even the doctors seemed pretty shocked. They had to take a picture!

Twitter brought out its favorite memes for the occasion:

One thing's for sure—having that tumor removed was a great step!

Daly has surely earned himself a celebratory night at the bar.

Fortunately, the tumor was removed without issue, and Daly even managed to trim down in the process! It almost seems like a win-win situation…

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Written by Collin Gossel

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