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New WWII-Era Video Game ‘Battlefield V’ That Includes Female Characters Has Male Fans Feeling Butt-Hurt

Battlefield V, the next in DICE’s series of first-person shooter games, will be released in October. Its makers previously announced the game would take place during World War II and its trailer, which dropped May 23, confirmed that it would include women characters. The gaming community, famous for its tolerance and open-mindedness (note: extreme sarcasm), surprised the world by reacting badly to what should essentially be non-news. Fans online have railed against the choice, claiming the presence of women in the game is historically inaccurate (something they’ve always cared SO much about in their video games) and posting misogynist messages with the hashtag #NotMyBattlefield.

The argument that women weren’t part of World War II is nonsense.

If fans cared so much about historical accuracy, they should have spoken up about some other details:

It turns out a LOT of Battlefield isn’t historically accurate!

A decent chunk of Twitter responded to the “controversy” with some well-deserved sass.

DICE got similar backlash from the gaming community when they put a black soldier on the cover of their WWI epic, Battlefield 1. Like then, the #NotMyBattlefield controversy has nothing to do with historical accuracy, and everything to do with predominantly white, male fans who want to believe the game is for them and only them, and that they exert control over what the game does and doesn’t contain. Neither of these things is true.

Executive producer Aleksander Grøndal addressed the controversy with a simple message on Twitter:

H/T – The Verge, YouTube


Written by Collin Gossel

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