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Sharon Stone’s Recent Run-In With A Giant Lizard Has Fans Flashing Back To Her Traumatic 2001 Trip To The Zoo

Actress Sharon Stone and lizards have a long, contentious history. This past Sunday, June 3, Stone posted a video on her Twitter that shows a gigantic lizard walking through her Los Angeles neighborhood.

Even without any history, the video is shocking—it looks like the creature escaped from Jurassic Park!

But the appearance of this massive monitor was especially significant to Stone, who had an unfortunate run-in with a Komodo dragon back in 2001.

Her most loyal fans quickly made the connection: as a Father’s Day gift for her former husband Phil Bronstein, Stone arranged a private tour of the Komodo dragon exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Bronstein had always had a fascination with the dragons (which happen to be the world’s largest lizards), but things quickly went south when one of them bit into his foot and refused to let go.

Bronstein had been convinced to take off his white shoes and socks before entering the enclosure since zookeepers feared Komo, the Komodo dragon, might mistake them for his favorite food: white rodents.

However, zookeepers forgot about Komo’s OTHER favorite food…human feet. Komo bit into Bronstein’s toe and Stone began screaming hysterically.

Zookeeper Jay Kilgore described the incident:

Komo without warning bit Phil on his left foot and held on. I grabbed Komo by his neck and yelled at him. He let go after an estimated one or two seconds. I pulled Komo away from Phil and yelled at Phil to get out of the exhibit. After a delay of perhaps 10 to 15 seconds, Phil stepped out of the exhibit. I had been repeatedly yelling at Phil to get out.

Bronstein required surgery to repair his foot, and Stone would later say the zoo had been irresponsible for letting her husband enter the habitat.

To his credit, Bronstein said nothing that happened was the zoo’s fault—he had entered the enclosure willingly, fully aware of the risk he was taking.

Stone’s fans on Twitter drew a connection between this incident from her past and the inexplicable dinosaur in her suburb:

Like the alligator from Peter Pan, once Komo got a taste, he would never stop chasing after his meal…

There were also some great jokes to be made, though Stone probably wasn’t in the mood to hear them.


Thankfully, it seems animal control arrived and caught the dragon before it did any harm.

A crisis has been averted! Los Angeles will never know how close it was to a foot-biting rampage.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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