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Someone Bought $1 Million Worth Of Toys From Toys ‘R’ Us For A Very Worthy Cause ❤️

The last Toys “R” Us closed its doors on Friday, June 29, marking the end of an era for America’s most iconic toy store. Leading up to the closings, however, Geoffrey the Giraffe was able to help some Toys “R” Us kids one last time. In Raleigh, North Carolina, an anonymous patron took advantage of the massive clearance sales to buy $1 million worth of toys for local children.

The act of charity was reported by WNCN CBS 17.  Employees spent their last day packing the remaining toys onto a truck—a task made much easier thanks to the massive purchase that had just cleared out much of the inventory.

Many people felt the anonymous millionaire’s purchase provided a final happy note in what has been a sad experience for anyone who’s ever enjoyed Toys “R” Us. While an increase in online toy shopping contributed to declining sales, the company ultimately failed after it was purchased by two private-equity firms.

The new owners saddled Toys “R” Us with a huge debt that the toy chain would never be able to pay off.

The company filed for bankruptcy in September 2017. Employees are still lobbying for severance pay.

Still, the wealthy patron’s random act of kindness inspired people.

And with his final sale completed, Geoffrey the Giraffe will finally be able to begin his much-deserved retirement.

We hope the children who got new toys will know they received some of the last Toys “R” Us had to offer.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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