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Someone Found An Easter Egg In An Episode Of ‘The Office’—And It’s Genius ?

Years later, The Office still holds up as one of the smartest, funniest shows of our modern age. The show’s writers crafted each episode with a huge amount of care and thought, something that becomes abundantly clear once you see the easter egg some die-hard fans spotted in a Season 7 episode.

In one of the show’s most classically cringy episodes, Jim and Pam join Michael and then-girlfriend Jan Levinson at their home for a dinner party. The whole evening is a nightmare of awkward interactions and uncomfortable insight into Michael’s and Jan’s struggling relationship, but one highlight was Michael showing off his little gift to himself: a PLASMA SCREEN TV!

Later, in a fit of rage, Jan would throw one of Michael’s beloved Dundees at the TV, breaking them both in the process. The incident was a death knell for the relationship—Michael would leave the house that night, never to return.

The broken plasma screen gains even more significance, however, after fans spotted it in another episode: the season 7 favorite, “Garage Sale.” The discovery was posted to the subreddit r/DunderMifflin:

Michael is selling his plasma screen at the garage sale from DunderMifflin

To be fair, it’s not the first time fans have noticed the cool continuity details, but the often overlooked item at Michael’s booth marks an important turning point for his character. Symbolically, many suspect his sale of the infamous plasma screen and neon sign represent Michael moving past his baggage with other women like Jan so he can propose to Holly later in the episode.

S07E19 02:29 (Garage Sale) One of the items Michael is trying to sell off is the plasma TV that Jan broke in the Dinner Party episode from DunderMifflin

Fans went nuts when they saw the easter egg:

Many were surprised they had missed it even after repeated viewings!

Of course, seeing the easter egg brought back many Office memories.

Let this be your official annual reminder to rewatch the entire series right now! 

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Written by Collin Gossel

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