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‘Teen Mom’ Star Pulls Out A Gun With Her Son In The Car During Road Rage Incident

On Monday, July 23, fans got more anxiety than they bargained for when MTV aired a new episode of Teen Mom 2, during which one of the mothers, Jenelle Evans, was involved in a road rage incident. The situation quickly escalated out of control—Evans drew a gun in front of a stranger while her child sat in the passenger seat.

You can see more of the disturbing incident in this video from Entertainment Tonight Canada:

Audiences weren’t expecting such a horrifying scene, and they weren’t particularly happy about it.

Evans’ behavior was incredibly dangerous under any circumstance, but especially with a child present.

The other party in the road rage incident, Robert Robinson, Jr., said Evans is lucky to be alive.

As Evans approached his house he alerted all his neighbors, who were armed and prepared to defend him.

Many noted how differently the police treat people of different races in much of America.

Evans did almost every wrong thing you could do. She was still let off with a warning.

Evans doesn’t seem to have any regrets, however. Shortly after the events of the episode, she posted a photo of her son with a toy gun and the caption “#CountryLiving.” In another recent episode, she explained to her son why she’s a proud NRA member and 2nd Amendment rights supporter.

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