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This Theory About Why The Creators Of ‘Friends’ Made Ross And Monica Siblings Has The Internet Divided

Every frame of the hit NBC sitcom Friends is still being dissected and analyzed by researchers the world over. And by researchers we mean fans, dearly devoted fans.

One such fan, comedian Emily Heller, recently formulated a theory as to why the characters of Ross and Monica had to be written as siblings.

Namely: no one would have ever hung out with Ross otherwise.

Heller has blown the world of Friends fans wide open!

Some were definitely here for the theory.

But not every fan was in agreement…

This is how rumors get started…

The whole conversation had a distinct anti-Ross vibe.

Although it can never ben confirmed, even skeptics had to admit Heller’s proposed scenario sounds probable.

Just imagine the Friends without Ross. Things would have been very different…

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Written by Collin Gossel

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