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Tiger On The Loose In NYC Turns Out To Be A Large Raccoon—And We Just Can’t Right Now

On Thursday, April 12, disaster struck New York City. The NYPD received reports of a TIGER roaming the streets of Harlem, terrorizing passersby and filling the entire area with fear. A push notification from Citizen App warned people about the tiger and spread panic throughout the neighborhood. Never before had Harlem faced such a threat.

People quickly learned, however, that the "tiger" was just a raccoon.

To be fair, New Yorkers don't get to see much wildlife on the regular.

Twitter couldn't believe what they were reading.

Even the biggest raccoon is just a raccoon, after all.

That didn't stop the media from coming out in full force, however.

When you're startled, things often seem scarier than they are.

Some Twitter users had other explanations for the mix-up.

Emergency services responded (an incredibly brave act, considering what they thought they'd find) and captured the raccoon without incident. Sadly, due to NYC animal control laws, the raccoon was euthanized in case it had rabies. At least he spent his last day doing what he loved… looking like a tiger on the streets of NYC.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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