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United Under Fire For Allowing Man To Wear ‘Rope. Tree. Journalist.’ T-Shirt On Flight Despite Passenger Complaint

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United Airlines is once again attracting large amounts of negative attention after allowing a passenger to fly across the country wearing a threatening T-shirt.

The shirt, which has previously been noticed by social media being sold outside of the Republican National Convention, read:

“Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some assembly required.”

The incident was brought to light by Jessica Sidman, the food editor of The Washingtonian magazine, whose brother—a journalist who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of death threats—was on the flight and snapped this picture.

Sidman’s brother approached the flight crew and said he wasn’t comfortable with one of the passengers on the flight threatening the lives of other passengers.

Shortly thereafter, he was escorted off the plane by staff and informed there was nothing they could do about the offensive message.

“I relayed that the shirt was not just offensive, it was threatening the lives of other passengers.”

He was offered a later flight, but Sidman’s brother turned it down.

He explained why to CNBC in an email:

“I didn’t want this to be about United appeasing me, a single customer. I wanted the airline I flew not to sanction the threatening of murder of any group.”

During the flight, United said nothing to the passenger about his shirt. Two years ago, the company was criticized for throwing two young women off a flight for wearing leggings.

Twitter was outraged at United for their inaction against this implied threat of violence.

Many people imagined things would have been different if a group other than journalists had been singled out.

A threat of violence against a vulnerable group is not a joke.

Companies like United Airlines should realize this and make sure their policy reflects it.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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