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University Of Missouri Apologizes After Tweets Featuring Tone-Deaf Graphics Promoting Diversity Backfire Completely


On Wednesday, October 23, The University of Missouri’s athletic department posted a tweet that was clearly meant to celebrate diversity and equality among its many student athletes.

Sadly, it’s obvious nobody ran the tweet through any sort of vetting process, because it fell far short of its intended message.


In the since-deleted tweet, Mizzou includes pictures of white athletes with captions like “I am a future doctor” and “I am a future corporate financier” alongside pictures of black athletes with captions like “I am an African American woman,” “I value equality” and “I am a brother.”

On Twitter, people couldn’t believe the athletic department was acting with such ignorance just four years after the University’s President was forced to resign over continued protests related to race and student athletics.

Mizzou later returned to apologize for their earlier tweet, writing:

“Earlier we made a mistake when we posted a graphic about our student athletes. We apologize. Our intent was to provide personal information about our students, but we failed. We listened and removed the post.”

It turns out many of the statements included in the original posts were taken out of context from longer videos recorded by each student athlete.

While Mizzou’s apology is a step in the right direction, seeing which details the athletic department had initially decided to use and which it had ignored was a fresh outrage for many.

It was clear Mizzou’s graphic took the athlete’s quotes deeply out of context along racial lines.

Another thing worth noting:

When attempting to showcase the diversity at your school, it’s important not to misrepresent the words of minorities to make them seem less than they are.

Just a tip for the future, University of Missouri! 

The book Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us Vs. Them is available here.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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