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Authorities Have Identified The Mysterious Woman Seen On Video Frantically Ringing Doorbells At 3AM

Image Credit: @SteveABC13/Twitter

Montgomery, Texas authorities found themselves desperately trying to track a potential victim of violence after residents of the Surprise Ranch neighborhood area reported someone was ringing their doorbells at three in the morning.

Security footage quickly revealed the bells were rung by a mystery woman who appeared to have broken shackles dangling from her wrists.

As the woman rings the bell, she looks behind her as though to make sure she’s not being chased or followed. 

The mystery of who the woman is and what she’s running from quickly became of national interest. 

The Sheriff’s office released a statement calling on any information citizens might have regarding the young woman.

Image Credit: @MCTXSheriff/Twitter
Image Credit: @MCTXSheriff/Twitter

The internet was on the case.

In the end, authorities found the young woman and returned her to her family.

After investigating a suspicious shooting, the Sheriff’s department found the woman, who had been a victim of a domestic abuse.

The internet was relieved!

Case cracked, mystery solved! 

H/T – Twitter, The Associated Press 


Written by Collin Gossel

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