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Woman Accidentally Stabs Her Friend At A Haunted House With What She Thinks Is A Fake Knife ?

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Like a scene out of a real-life horror movie, a 29-year-old woman found herself stabbing her friend at a haunted house in Nashville, Tennessee. No, she had no murderous intent. She just thought the knife wasn’t real.

The group of friends was wandering through the Nashville Nightmare Haunted House when they were approached by a thin man in a skull mask who was believed to be an employee of the establishment. He asked whether one of the girl’s friends was “f***ing around with her,” to which she replied yes.

Handing her a knife, the stranger said:

Well, here, stab him.

Thinking the knife was a fake prop, like so many others in the haunted house, the woman drove the knife into her friend’s arm.

The police report recounts what happened afterward:

As she pulled back she realized that there was blood on the knife, there was a hole in the victim’s shirt and blood was squirting from the victim’s left arm.

The stabbed friend,29-year-old James Yochim, was immediately rushed to a hospital for his injuries. Like his friend, Yochim believed the entire interaction with the thin, skull-masked man was part of the “show:”

Yochim said:

Keep in mind, we’d been chased by chainsaws, holding other weapons, all kinds of stuff all night and it was all fake. So she stabs at me with it, and everything got really black.

A third friend who witnessed the entire incident told police he heard the thin man say he “did not realize the weapon was that sharp” after blood began spurting out of Yochim’s arm.

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the company who owns the Nashville haunted house, commented that they had not been contacted by police, but that “an employee has been identified as being involved in the incident and has been placed on leave.”

They went on to say:

We are going over all of our safety protocols with all of our staff again, as the safety and security of all of our patrons is always our main concern.

Twitter was straight up SPOOKED!

The lesson: never trust scary monsters or people in skull makeup.



The thin man’s identity has not been revealed.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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