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Video Of Conservative Standing Up To Trump Supporters For Hurling Racial Slur At Black Man Divides Opinion

@wonderwomanrayne / TikTok

In our modern political climate, it can feel like people are polarized on just about every issue. You’re left or you’re right and there is no between.

A recent TikTok video uploaded by WonderWoman182 exemplifies how even a situation that you would think would bring people together, still divides.

In the video, she, her son, and his fiancée are driving when the son stops his car and gets out to defend a man called a racial slur by Trump supporters and later held by cops.

The video was later reposted on Twitter by someone else.

In the above video, WonderWoman182 films as her son stops his car while driving through a southern pride parade that slowed down traffic. The crowd had called a Black man recording the event a racist slur.

Her son stepped out and yelled back at the crowd, telling them to keep their opinions to themselves. He also said incidents like this are why the country is divided.

On the video, his mom captioned the events, and said:

“We are southern conservatives. But racism isn’t what we stand for and we won’t tolerate it.”

Comments on the video were very supportive of the son’s actions.

@wonderwomanrayne / TikTok
@wonderwomanrayne / TikTok
@wonderwomanrayne / TikTok


The family decided to leave when the police showed up, possibly thinking they’d handle the situation. However, they immediately stopped when one of the officers pulled a gun on the Black man.

The video captions say:

“A cop asked my son what happened and sent us down the road.”

While in the video, the son storms out of his truck toward the police, yelling profanities at the officers.

Another video taken by the fiancée has her trying to stop him from storming up to the police and ending with her telling the man stopped by police:

“I got you, brother!”

However, many thought the video wasn’t as positive as others did, leading to a split in opinion online.

Many felt the son had the right idea, while the mom’s comment about “Both sides” and the fiancée’s attempts to stop him were more fruitless.

There is no word on the status of the man who was harassed by the parade and stopped by police in the video.


Ben Acosta

Written by Ben Acosta

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