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  1. Hey, first let me start this off by saying I’m not condoning violence on the part of the Proud Boys, or anyone…I just don’t believe in using it to solve problems…and I’m not defending -anyone-.

    But there is a flaw in your article entitled “Proud Boys Leader Threatens ‘We Will Kill You’ In Video Calling For Trump Supporters To Commit Violent Acts”

    In the article, it’s written: “The two groups beating and kicking each other was caught on video, but existing footage does not reveal what sparked the physical altercation.

    According to the Gothamist, one of the videos shows the Proud Boys kicking a protestor to the ground and shouting homophobic slurs.”

    There is, in fact, video from the surveillance camera behind the gate, and it shows an Antifa member throwing something at the Proud Boys at around the 4 second mark:

    I never liked Gavin McGinnes, but I think to demonstrate your honesty and transparency and dedication to keeping things truthful, it may be best if you publish this video. After all, we wouldn’t want a site associated with Mr. Takei to appear to be dishonest, after all, over an honest mistake 🙂

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