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Video Of Belligerent ‘Costco Karen’ Goes Viral After Her Young Son Growls At Store Employees


The pandemic has called on laborers of all stripes to make unbelievable sacrifices.

Hospital employees have worked insane hours and put themselves at risk caring for countless infected patients. All the while, they’ve been forced to witness unimaginable tragedy every single day.

Truck drivers have continued the amazing work they do, keeping supply chains humming along so we can have all the necessities we need.

And retail store employees have continued to help us buy all those necessities—even as they’ve encountered the wrath of misinformed, obnoxious people that refuse to wear masks, don’t obey legitimate precautions and yell belittling things at employees to feel just a smidgen of power.

There have been many viral videos, for example, exposing the antics of privileged White women launching into tirades in the middle of a Costco. So many, in fact, that the term “Costco Karen” has picked up some steam on the internet.

A recent “Costco Karen” video—posted to TikTok by @karenscaughtoncamera0—set itself apart.

The woman involved was just like all the rest, but her son’s bizarre behavior made waves on the internet. 

@karenscaughtoncamera0local karen caught on camera ##fyp ##karen ##caught♬ original sound – exposing karen’s

As his mother proudly performed her public meltdown, her son was lying in wait. He had some kind of scarf wrapped around his head and he hid behind her, leaning his head against her spine as if he was in timeout and she was the corner of the room.

Then, as if summoned by a telepathic Karen call for backup, he emerged from behind to growl at the employee.

TikTok viewers dropped everything to discuss the cargo pants-wearing growler in less than kind terms. 

Sarah Basith/TikTok
vic Hernandez/TikTok
Angel Gunn/TikTok 

According to the comment made by the account that posted the video, the Karen of the hour originally walked into the store without a mask.

She swore at employees when they asked her to put one on. Management was called to speak with her, which is when the camera began rolling.

As the video captured, the impressively composed manager reminded the woman that she doesn’t “need to be using that language in front of anyone’s children or adults” and threatened to call the police if she didn’t shape up.

That was all Karen needed to launch into her tantrum:

“Are you not sick of this also? Go ahead call the police, call them.”

“I cannot believe that anybody is putting up with this. I cannot believe you are putting up with this.”

“This is a virus with a 99.9% recovery rate. That’s from CDC.”

And in true Karen fashion, she stormed off swearing and yelled unintelligible things that echoed from the grocery store’s rafters.

Her recovery rate figure was also incorrect. Experts have stated the likely non-recovery rate is around 1%. That may seem low, but when we consider that the U.S. has seen 11.8 million cases so far, that 1% becomes a whole lot scarier.

But alas, when a Karen is screaming at an employee with the full support of a growling child, she’s empowered to make all sorts of claims, true or untrue. 

Eric Spring

Written by Eric Spring

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