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Couple Cancels Wedding After Receiving $30k In Donations, And Then Asks For Even More Money

L-Prakasit Khuansuwan / EyeEm via Getty Images R-u/joyeuxanniversaire1/Reddit

When a scam has the audacity to keep itself going and going, you have to ask: how on earth did you think this was okay?

In a Reddit post via forum r/ChoosingBeggars, u/joyeuxanniversaire1 shared a story that was full of so much gall that even we don’t really believe it:

Bride steals 30k of wedding donations and then asks for more from ChoosingBeggars

It seems sad at first, that the soon-to-be family have chosen to cancel their wedding….until they specify that they may literally take the money and run for a honeymoon.

“After we regain financial stability and hold calm in our hearts after a honeymoon we will announce a new wedding date and re open our money fund for any further gifts.”

People who donated to the party reportedly did not take too well to the news.


The plot thickened as people realized that they had likely been scammed.


And people really started to get angry.



With an apologist Bridesmaid on her side, the Bride felt empowered to give an explanation, even giving a shoutout to the Reddit post.



Twitter user @wthDARIELLE, who supplied the majority of these screenshots, had a few more words to say, as a firsthand part of this madness:

And other users were completely floored by the audacity.

Because honestly, who DOES this???

What a mess.

The identity of the bride and the parties involved with this craziness are unknown, but what a way to kick off the holiday season, right?


Written by Mike Walsh

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