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Couple Caught On Camera Harassing Hispanic Man For Bringing His ‘Ghetto’ Fruit Stand Into Their Community

KHTS News/Features/YouTube

A new video of White people harassing people of color has gone viral, this time over a fruit stand.

The incident happened in the town of Canyon Country, California, northwest of Los Angeles. The video shows a White couple harassing two Hispanic men over a fruit stand they are operating near a gas station.

The video begins with the White woman announcing that the Sheriff has been called, before the White man begins cursing at the Hispanic men and demanding they leave. (Warning: This video contains offensive language.)

The couple in the video has been identified by local radio station KHTS as business owners Renee McAlonis and Mike Foster, who own Bergie’s Bar and Grill in nearby Santa Clarita, California.

In the video, Foster is heard repeatedly telling the Hispanic men that the fruit stand is “ghetto” and demanding they leave.

When one of the Hispanic men protests that the fruit stand isn’t hurting anyone, Foster unleashes a torrent of profanity. 

“Get it the f*ck out of here, this isn’t Pacoima, it looks like sh*t… We aren’t the f*cking ghetto, it needs to go.”

Pacoima is a heavily Hispanic neighborhood in the nearby San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

When the Hispanic man asks Foster to clarify what makes the fruit stand “ghetto,” Foster stammers and then begins talking about permits and tax documents.

“Where’s your health permit? Where’s your resale permit? Prove you pay taxes.”

The Hispanic man then expresses his disbelief at the incident.

“That’s crazy. I never thought I’d experience this firsthand. You’re that upset that you need to come out here and, like, belittle these people?”

Speaking to KHTS, the fruit vendor, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he felt scared by Foster and McAlonis’s confrontation.

“The lady said we couldn’t sell because we didn’t pay taxes and because we were from Mexico… We had water to have customers wash their hands, and (McAlonis) threw it on the ground.”

In response to the video, the Bergie’s Bar and Grill page on Yelp has been flooded with so many negative reviews it has prompted an “unusual activity” warning to appear when going to the page.

On Twitter, people were outraged by Foster’s harassment. 

For his part, the fruit vendor is undeterred by Foster’s attack: He told KHTS that he will be back selling fruit in the neighborhood next Monday, just a bit down the street from the location where the incident took place.


Written by John Sundholm

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