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Couple Ties Woman To Tree And Cuts Baby Out Of Her Womb, Brings Baby To Hospital Claiming She’s Theirs

A truly terrifying horror story played out in real life near Joao Pinheiro in southeast Brazil. On Tuesday, October 16, Mara Cristiana da Silva was found tied to a tree with metal wire, dead. She had been eight months pregnant, but the child had been cut out from her body with a knife.

The police have taken Angelina Rodrigues, a friend of the victim, into custody. A member of Da Silva’s family says Rodrigues “always dreamed of having a baby girl.” Police were made aware of Rodrigues by the staff at a nearby hospital, who became suspicious after she arrived at the hospital with a premature newborn child, claiming to have just given birth.

Rodrigues was walking normally (no easy feat after having supposedly given birth) and refused any sort of medical test. Hospital staff called the police, just in case.

And it’s a good thing they did. Police arrested both Rodrigues and the victim’s husband, Roberto Gomes da Silva. Once in custody, Rodrigues admitted to the crime, saying she got da Silva drunk, tied her to a tree with metal wire, and cut the baby out of her womb. She also claimed to have acted alone, but police don’t believe Rodrigues was capable of this act without any sort of aid.

A spokesperson for the police commented:

We believe that the husband and a third person took part, but all this will depend on a police investigation. Tests show that Angelina isn’t pregnant and we believe the crime was premeditated.

Euza Ribeiro, the victim’s aunt, said that Rodrigues made a point of becoming closer with da Silva once she found out she was going to have a daughter:

The woman always dreamed of having a baby girl, and when she saw that my niece was pregnant she began to offer help. She lent her money to have her ultra-sound scan and the day she died had told her she was going to buy all the things that the baby needed.

Rodrigues has just moved into da Silva’s house the weekend prior.

Da Silva has now been buried, and the baby is undergoing treatment for a cut on her head, which doctors believe is a result of being forcibly removed from her mother’s womb.

People on the internet can’t believe a human being was capable of such a monstrous act:

With any luck, this will be last time any of us hear such a tale—one which was most likely influenced by some sort of mental illness. Police continue to investigate the case, and formal charges are likely forthcoming.

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Written by Collin Gossel

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